The West Palm Beach South Cove Natural Area

The West Palm Beach South Cove Natural Area is a project by the Palm Beach County  to provide habitat and improve water quality of the intracoastal between Flagler Bridge and Royal Park Bridge.



The 3-year project has multiple focuses

  • The South Cove Natural Area is designated as a high-priority restoration project in the Lake Worth Lagoon Management Plan.
  • This project will create critical shallow water habitat important to local fisheries, wading and shorebirds, manatees, and sea turtles.
  • Fill anoxic (lacking-oxygen) dredged hole with approximately 100,000 cubic yards of fill to create three intertidal mangrove/spartina islands.
  • Improve water qualityand water clarity by capping muck sediments.
  • Create 2 acres of mangrove and spartina habitat, 3.5 acres of potential seagrass habitat, and 0.9 acres of rock revetment/oyster reef. These habitats provides filtration capabilities and improve water quality through stabilization of the sediments.
  • Construct a 556-foot elevated boardwalk, 16’ x 16’ observation deck and educational kiosk for public use.

Watch a video from the end of the boardwalk.

A pictorial review of the building of the West Palm Beach South Cove Natural Area

During the planning phase, the islands were outlined with markers. This is how the intracoastal looked from 2009 – 2010.

In July of 2010 work started in earnest to build up the South Cove Natural Area. The  dredged hole required approximately 100,000 cubic yards of soil to fill.

After a year of filling up the dredged holes, in July of 2011 the islands popped up  above the waterline

Due to the intratidal nature of the islands they were constructed so that the highest point was  just below the high-tide line. During low tides most of the island is visible.

The structures to support the 556 Ft. boardwalk get installed.

First concrete pylons go in for the Boardwalk


Rocks are piled onto the islands


Pilons are cut down to size
Workers were creative when getting onto the pylons

Planks go in to make up the Boardwalk


Laying Planks can be tricky


During this time part of the Flagler walkway was blocked off and redone.


South Cove Natural Area Broadwalk stretches out into the intracoastal


By May 2012 the islands were complete

Mangroves get planted – State Rep. Mark Pafford helps out.


Things are almost done


Sign is up! The South Cove Natural Area is almost done!

Taking my first walk down the boardwalk

We get a brand new view of our downtown from the South Cove Natural Area Broadwalk

Exclusive: Pictures of City of West Palm Beach’s Proposals for Waterfont Hotel

As reported by the Palm Beach Post yesterday, the City of West Palm Beach has 4 proposals on their hands for the development of a Hotel on the site of the Old City Hall

This project has been in the works for several years.

I am VERY excited about getting a hotel on the waterfront. Not only will it be a beautiful (and water accessible) hotel for vistors to our beautiful city, but it will also bring people and traffic to the 100 block of Clematis St and our Waterfront.

There are four developers who have submitted proposals to the City. Check out the mock-ups below and let me know in the comments Which look do you prefer?

As of right now, these are EXCLUSIVE to @aguyonclematis. Project names and descriptions came from the PBPost article.

Hyatt Hotels and Concord Hospitality

Navarro Lowrey Properties of West Palm Beach, together with Hyatt Hotels and Concord Hospitality, a hotel management company based in North Carolina: $3.1 million for a five story 205-room Hyatt

Song + Associates

With Crocker Group — an affiliate of which developed Mizner Park in Boca Raton — and the Carlton Fields law firm: $5 million for a 12-story building with 200 rooms and lobby retail space

Kolter Group

Kolter Group, a condominium developer: $12 million for a 15-story building with a minimum of 120 hotel rooms, 260 residential units and ground floor retail.

Hisham Ashkouri Architects/Developers

Hisham Ashkouri Architects/Developers of Newton, Mass: $10 million for a 15-story building and two smaller buildings with hotel and gallery space.

My spot as a Guest on SeaView Radio’s “Downtown Update”

Click below to listen to the show.
Aaron Wormus Guest on SeaView Radio Downtown Update

Clematis Street wins 4 out of 9 awards in Miami Herald’s Best Block Contest

Clematis Street wins 4 out of 9 awards in Miami Herald’s Best Block Contest

We drove down to Miami on Saturday night for Miami Herald’s Best Block contest award ceremony and we weren’t disappointed.

Clematis St. won the following prizes:

The story is running on the front page of today’s Miami Herald. Here’s what they have to say about Clematis Street.

It was also a big night for another iconic South Florida street: downtown West Palm Beach’s resurgent Clematis Street, which grabbed a bunch of prizes, including a sweep of the people’s choice awards for photo and video, a just-for-fun online poll in which readers could “like’’ their favorites.

The people’s-choice-winning video of the 200 block of Clematis, by West Palm residents and boosters Jesse Bailey and Aaron Wormus, also took the $300 juried third prize in that category. And Bailey also won the $300 third prize in the photo category for a neon-soaked view of the 300 block of Clematis taken from a rooftop bar. The people’s choice photo of Clematis Street was submitted by the city’s Downtown Development Authority. All four runner-up awards were announced earlier this week.

In the early 1980s, Clematis, the historic spine of downtown West Palm, was a desolate, rundown place. City codes prohibited sidewalk cafes, recalled Gonzalez, whose architecture firm has been on the street for years. Planners, meanwhile, focused on moving cars through as quickly as possible, giving people few reasons to linger.

Transforming streets like Clematis requires vision and changes in both zoning codes and attitudes, Gonzalez and other jurors said.

It was a big day for grass-roots efforts as 17-year-old Jared Robins’ submission for Española Way in Miami Beach picked up the Grand Prize making, as well as two other prizes.

We are extremely happy with the results and are proud to have a community that can pull together to put our little street on the map. I’d like to thank all 167 people who LIKEed our video, as well as the countless others who shared and encouraged their friends to LIKE our video as well. Also a special thank you to the DDA for participating and helping get the word out, Nick and Pedro from Pixil Agency for putting the video together, and Lenny and the Clematis St. Facebook Group for the huge exposure they gave to this contest and Clematis Street.

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