I completed the 30-Day Blog Challenge!

Yes! This was a LOT harder than I thought it would be. Having to sit down every day and think of something to write is not as easy as it sounds. Although I have to say, looking back was a TON of fun.

Thanks to Alex de Carvalho and the South Florida Social Media Club for running this month long contest, and everyone who read my blog entries over the last month! Once I got used to taking pictures, it was actually very difficult to get back into the writing groove. I’m glad I did.

Now I’m going to toss in a random picture out of my archive and call it a night! Thanks for Listening!


See you on Clematis Street

Now it’s time for some West Palm Beach #FollowFridays

OK, I’m going to mix things up a bit and introduce everyone to some of the cool twitter people in West Palm Beach – On twitter this is commonly done using the #FollowFriday hashtag. While I could just tweet these all out, I thought it would be fun to build up a blog entry 140 characters at a time.


This is by no means a comprehensive list of our local twitter community, but if you want to get started on twitter, this is a VERY good list to start off with.

Mayor @jmuoio – Mayor of the most awesome little city in Florida! #FollowFriday

#FollowFriday @smaterio & @CommishMitchellCommissioners for the South End (5) and Clematis District (3)

The Executive director of the WPB Downtown Development Authority  @raphaClemente  – @DowntownWPB #FollowFriday

Parks and Recreation Director @CMThrower and @mpinak who make the West Palm Beach special events happen #FollowFriday

Locals @mohnacky, @pbCallahan and WPB Economic Director @chris_roog making @StartupWeekend happen in WPB! #FollowFriday

Our local Paper of Record @pbpost & @pbpulse@vpm, @bio561, @allisonsross, @AbramsonPBP #FollowFriday

The Mandel Public Library in West Palm Beach @MyCityLibrary & @treetweets, @littlepig1, @wpblf #FollowFriday

Our News & Weather Team @Steve_Weagle @weatherkait @MikeTrimWPTV – Waking up early so we don’t have to #FollowFriday

Downtown West Palm Beach co-working spaces @musescoworking & @Ventureworxx – great places to work! #FollowFriday

Writer / local @DowntownDana – she writes good stuff & always knows where the party is. #FollowFriday

Resources for new businesses in WPB @NewToPalmBeach @innovatepalmbch @BillBathurst @StartupPBC #FollowFriday

Cool people you meet downtown @misspfaff @RockwellGlobal @JoelleParra @ClematisCain @crlmediapr #FollowFriday

Our very own Downtown Neighborhood Association @WPBDNA #FollowFriday

Palm Beach Post reporter @eliotkpbp – keeping everyone up-to-date with the City happenings #FollowFriday

Local Bloggers! @WalkableWPB @NCMSocial @AvgGirlsGuide @WesBlackman @JanNorrisdotcom #FollowFriday

Everyone’s favorite busybody blogger @gossipextra #FollowFriday

Small Businesses @ClematisNews Stand & @marketClematis, @SloansIceCream & @TinFishClematis #FollowFriday

Great Places on the 200 Block@RoccosTacos & @JFlynnsPub #FollowFriday

Places to party on the 300 Block@roxyspub & @palmsugarwpb #FollowFriday

Places on the 500 Block@respectablest, @oshaespub #FollowFriday

Ninjas @MaXXXStiLes & @yourwebninja (this is probably a very “inside baseball” referece) #FollowFriday

Apologies to everyone I missed – and thanks to all for spending your time to make our local social ecosystem rock!



Happy Thanksgivukkah – I’m thankful for all our small businesses.

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

It’s cold outside, there are turkeys in the oven and living in paradise we have a lot to be thankful for!

Enjoying Clematis St. every day it’s easy to take what we have for granted. But when I introduce new people to our downtown areas they are always impressed with the thriving urban ecosystem that has been built in our small downtown area.

I want to thank all the small business owners who work hard to build our city.

This week we saw the grand opening of Cycle PartyIt is a small business that joins the other thriving businesses such as Palm Beach Segway Tours and iScoot Palm Beach to provide unique ways to travel through and explore downtown West Palm Beach.


The Cycle Party is in Town

Eat Scene is working hard between Fern and Rosemary to create a unique market experience for the downtown area. For centuries the market has been the heartbeat of a town, a place where people would gather to meet friends and enjoy food, and now the Eat Scene is bringing this experience into downtown. Eat Scene has already started work on the largest wall mural in Palm Beach County, bringing together six talented artists from West Palm Beach to work on this project.


Palm Beach County’s largest mural at Eat Scene

As seen through the successful Startup Weekend and Entrepreneur Week we also have a bustling Startup Community. More small business owners and inventors have chosen West Palm Beach as the place to start and grow their business.

One new project that just popped on the radar is South End resident and inventor Chic Kelty who created the Immerset, a brand new way to brew your coffee. The Immerset is being funded on Kickstarter and will be built in the US. I’d like to encourage all my local friends and coffee drinkers to help fund this project and make the Immerset a reality.

Downtown business owner Sean Scott with the Immerset!

Downtown business owner Sean Scott with the Immerset!

These are just a couple of the small businesses who worked hard to build businesses and have risked their own capital to come to West Palm Beach and help service our residents, as well as bring additional business and visitors into our city.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local economy. So instead of waking up at 6am and lining up outside big-box stores on Friday, let’s sleep in and then show our appreciation by visiting one of our local businesses to start our shopping season!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Great Hanukkah,

Aaron “aGuyonClematis” Wormus


Cycle Party comes to Downtown West Palm Beach

Last night while walking down Clematis Street (in between the opening of the Gallery at the Palm Beach Photographic Center & a Downtown Neighborhood Association meeting, I ran into the grand opening of Cycle Party.

The Cycle Party is a 17-seater party bus that gets pedaled from bar to bar. The company behind it already had cycles in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami and the grand opening represented their expansion into Downtown West Palm Beach.

Putting the final touches on the West Palm Beach Cycle Party

Putting the final touches on the West Palm Beach Cycle Party

From the Cycle Party Website:

The Cycle Party group bike seats 15 riders and the Cycle Party driver. As a 15-person quadracycle, Cycle Party is perfect for any celebration and all social outings, including: birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, ice cream socials, fund-raisers , church outings, progressive dinners, sightseeing, tailgating, pub crawls, singles mixers, parades (we are an instant float!) or YOUR VERY OWN REASON!


Raphael Clemente, Downtown Development Authority Executive Director trying the Cycle Party

Raphael Clemente, Downtown Development Authority Executive Director approves of the Cycle Party

One of the big requests that we hear is that we need more things to do in the downtown area. Last month we had Visit West Palm open up their Catamaran cruises as well as canoeing and Jet Skiing. Now with this new addition gives an additional reason and a new way to come down to, and explore, our downtown area!

If you’re not ready to cycle around for the evening, no worries, the downtown Quadricle has a new feature is a 3-person lounge in the back, as well as a Pole, which no doubt has many uses. We rode around downtown, thanks to the electronic assist we were able to easily able to ride up the Clematis Street hill.

Downtowner William Cummings enjoying a ride on the Cycle Party

Downtowner William Cummings enjoying a ride on the Cycle Party

We look forward to riding the Cycle Party again soon!

Living the life in Downtown West Palm Beach