The National Poetry Slam Descends on West Palm Beach

If you’re new to National Poetry Slam, this article from PBPulse should get you up to speed.

If poetry slam is considered a sport — and given its mix of verbal dexterity, athletic energy and theatrical skills, it should be — the defending two-time champion team from Charlotte, N.C., would be, say, the 1980 Soviet Olympic hockey team. “If I were a team going up against them, you wouldn’t be able to print my response in a family newspaper,” says Poetry Slam Inc. spokesman Eirick Ott.

Beginning Tuesday and culminating in a finale Saturday at the Palm Beach Convention Center. Bouts are nightly at 7 and 9 at Clematis Street clubs Roxy’s, Respectable Street, O’Shea’s, Dr. Feelgoods, The Lounge and Monarchy.

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