If you’re new to National Poetry Slam, this article from PBPulse should get you up to speed.

If poetry slam is considered a sport — and given its mix of verbal dexterity, athletic energy and theatrical skills, it should be — the defending two-time champion team from Charlotte, N.C., would be, say, the 1980 Soviet Olympic hockey team. “If I were a team going up against them, you wouldn’t be able to print my response in a family newspaper,” says Poetry Slam Inc. spokesman Eirick Ott.

Beginning Tuesday and culminating in a finale Saturday at the Palm Beach Convention Center. Bouts are nightly at 7 and 9 at Clematis Street clubs Roxy’s, Respectable Street, O’Shea’s, Dr. Feelgoods, The Lounge and Monarchy.

For information and tickets, go to poetryslam.com