Best Burger in West Palm? Bradleys!

Link: Best Burger in West Palm? Bradleys!

If you’re willing to pay the $13.95

I did some inquiring and after talking to the Executive Chef Jake Zimmerman, I found out why it was so expensive and why it tasted so good.

First of all is the quality of the meat. The same company that is used for the beef at the Breakers, and other high end restaurants, is used for Bradley’s. They insist on a higher grade of beef – which in the case of burgers, is ground only once instead of twice so you are actually getting pieces of the steak in there as versus beef mush. It has no fillers (which apparently is common among cheaper burgers) and then it is purchased fresh every day. This means you are getting high quality, minimally processed, fresh beef.

Then they grill it over the open flame to bring out all the great beef flavor.

Chef Zimmerman was proud to say that he will not sacrifice the quality of his fare, for the ability to reduce prices.

In this case, I’d have to say that I’d rather eat out once every two weeks and have THAT burger, than eat out once a week and eat a burger half the price anywhere else.