Getting ready for the first Clematis Tweetup

I hope you are as excited about the Clematis Tweetup as I am. So far, the response I got has surpassed my wildest expectations.

Twitter is about starting with a small group of friends and then having fun growing your friends and followers. So I wanted to make sure that if you aren’t already on twitter (or if you’re bringing a friend who has not signed up) that you have signed up and set up your mobile device before arriving at the tweetup.

We will have a screen which will be displaying tweets which are using the hashtag #ctwpb in real-time. So make sure you add the hashtag as you’re tweeting up a storm!

In preparation, I wanted to highlight our sponsors and make sure that everyone is following them on twitter. Each of our sponsors have been instrumental in what promises to be an EPIC event!

Forte Ristorante & Wine Bar (@FORTEwpb) has been 100% on board and extremely supportive from the very beginning. @FORTEwpb understands the power of twitter and is a lot of fun to follow (make sure you keep your eye open for tweets about $50% dinner discounts & reverse happy hours).

Sunfest (@SunfestFL) this year Sunfest is taking large steps in the social media arena. From a Facebook powered online music lineup to a fun twitter strategy which will be announced in the weeks leading up to SunFest 2010. We’re hoping that we have so much fun with Twitter this year, and that twitter becomes a integral part of the SunFest experience for years to come.

The Palm Beach Post (@PBPost) has kept the county up to date with the news for over 100 years (yes, I am reading the “Pioneers in Paradise!” I got from @MyCityLibrary yesterday!) Starting as a weekly paper (1909), moving to a semi-weekly, to a daily paper in (1916), since August 2008 the Palm Beach Post has been publishing the news in real time using Twitter. @PBPulse was launched during Sunfest and we could not have asked for a better sponsor.

There will be a lot of other great individuals and companies at the tweetup – including (and most importantly) YOU!

Looking forward to seeing you!

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