The Answers to the Big Clematis Twivia Game

Here are the answers to the big Clematis Twivia Game – to play friend @funtwivia on twitter then follow the instructions!
To see the answers click…
  • A scary night is what people like best, late in October we have a blast at … MoonFest
  • If the Queen of England knew how to party, she would head to Clematis and hang out at … Monarchy
  • Craving Mexican or some fresh quacamole? Head head over to Rocco’s and order some …  Tacos
  • Books, Snacks, and Free Kindness and other things grand, are always abundant at the Clematis … NewsStand
  • Partied too hard and need to get slim? Work out with pros at Ultima … GYM
  • Free music on thrusdays, always a delight, come chill out at Clematis by …  Night
  • Looking to read Little house on the Prarie, you’ll find it & lots more at the the City … Library
  • Get on the rooftop, drink beer or sip wine, party all night at … Sky309