The Big Sunfest Twitter Scavenger Hunt

What is it?

The Sunfest Scavenger Hunt is a fun game to play while soaking in the sun, listening to music and visiting the attractions and sponsors at SunFest.

How does it work?

The Sunfest Scavenger Hunt works through Twitter. To play you MUST be following @SunFestFL, so start following now and make sure you’re ready!

When playing, you will find codes at various SunFest locations. These codes will be printed on foam suns and placed in an obvious location.

Send a Direct Message (DM) to @SunFestFL with the code, and @SunfestFL will respond (by DM) with the next clue.

What do I need to play?

  • A Sunfest Map
  • A Twitter Account
  • A Phone

When / Where does it start?

The kickoff will be at 2pm on Saturday and a group of Scavenger Hunters will gather on the East end of S. Clematis St. on Flagler (in front of the Waterfront Pavilion). You do not have to start with the group – watch for a tweet from @SunfestFL at 2PM for instructions on how to get the first clue.

How long will it take?

It should take you no longer than one hour to collect all of the clues. You will be done in time to rock out with Rise Against at (3:30)

We have set up the the clues to start on the North side of SunFest, lead you to the south side and back again. The clues are scattered through the vendors & booths of Sunfest, so you can play the game and collect the clues at your leisure while strolling through SunFest.

What if I get stuck?

If you can’t figure out a clue, Mention @SunfestFL or @aGuyonClematis in your tweet and we will help you out!

What do I win?

The first person to complete the Scavenger hunt will get a set of Reserved Seats. The next 25 people to finish will get a gift from one of the Sunfest sponsors.

I want to get started with Twitter, what do I need to do?

Twitter is easy and a LOT of fun! For more information please on how you can use twitter please view:

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