Döner Pocket (German Fast Food) coming to Clematis St.

I LOVE Döner Kebabs & was very excited earlier this week when I saw the signage go up in the old location of the Arepa place at 330 Clematis St.

Here is a youtube clip and the story behind Döner Pocket! I can’t wait!

German Fast Food Comes to West Palm Beach

The most popular fast food in Germany is now in West Palm Beach. Look for Doner Pocket at 330 Clematis Street food court opening now.

Four hundred tons of this meat is sold each day in Germany from 15,500 stores. More popular than the Bratwurst, more popular than the German Sausage, and more popular than burgers and fries, number one in Germany is the doener kabab.

This lean, specially spiced meat comes in chicken, beef and veal. It’s roasted on a vertical rotisserie with a constant heat source in the rear. All served on a unique fresh baked bread shell with fresh veggies of your choice, and a selection of secret recipe sauces.

Start your Doner Pocket habit, immediately. What an awesome meal. Nothing tastes like Doner Pocket.

For information, please contact, William Roger Cummings at 561.252.6123 or wroger@bellsouth.net.