Top 5-Finnish Bands

Band 1: Kingson Wall – Way ahead of their time – cut short too soon – left 3 epic albums!


Band 2: Leningrad Cowboys – quite possibly the greatest band ever.


Band 3: Nightwish – Such an epic sound!!! Not the same without Tarja


Band 4:  Lordi – Because Monster Metal + Cheerleaders is made of WIN! 


Band 5: Porkka Playboys – Because now you can say you’ve seen Ace of Spades performed in a Sauna


 Honorable Mention: The Rasmus – Most Finnish bands are successful at flying under the radar some are not


Finnish Bands Honorable Mention: Apocolyptico – Making Cellos awesome since 1993


Disclaimer 1: This is probably the most random blog entry you’ll ever see on this blog, I’m sorry (OK not really)

Disclaimer 2: These bands were chosen because 1 they are in English and 2 they are somewhat mainstream (OK maybe not all of them) there are a LOT of great Finnish bands