Exclusive: Pictures of City of West Palm Beach’s Proposals for Waterfont Hotel

As reported by the Palm Beach Post yesterday, the City of West Palm Beach has 4 proposals on their hands for the development of a Hotel on the site of the Old City Hall

This project has been in the works for several years.

I am VERY excited about getting a hotel on the waterfront. Not only will it be a beautiful (and water accessible) hotel for vistors to our beautiful city, but it will also bring people and traffic to the 100 block of Clematis St and our Waterfront.

There are four developers who have submitted proposals to the City. Check out the mock-ups below and let me know in the comments Which look do you prefer?

As of right now, these are EXCLUSIVE to @aguyonclematis. Project names and descriptions came from the PBPost article.

Hyatt Hotels and Concord Hospitality

Navarro Lowrey Properties of West Palm Beach, together with Hyatt Hotels and Concord Hospitality, a hotel management company based in North Carolina: $3.1 million for a five story 205-room Hyatt

Song + Associates

With Crocker Group — an affiliate of which developed Mizner Park in Boca Raton — and the Carlton Fields law firm: $5 million for a 12-story building with 200 rooms and lobby retail space

Kolter Group

Kolter Group, a condominium developer: $12 million for a 15-story building with a minimum of 120 hotel rooms, 260 residential units and ground floor retail.

Hisham Ashkouri Architects/Developers

Hisham Ashkouri Architects/Developers of Newton, Mass: $10 million for a 15-story building and two smaller buildings with hotel and gallery space.


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