Happy Holidays! I hope you’re digging your ugly Christmas sweater out of the closet, because the holidays are almost here.

There is a lot to go over today, but first let’s talk about my facial hair.

Movember is (almost) over!

Over the years I’ve begged people to vote for my blog, like my youtube video, give me money for charity runs/walks, and generally everyone is tolerant of my antics. However, grow a mustache and start posting pictures on your facebook everyday, and everyone feels like it’s their duty to let you know how bad it looks. Childhood friends who I haven’t spoken to in 20 years private messaged me and begged me to stop!

But we didn’t stop! We made it through the full 30 days and in celebration of the month of Movember coming to a close, we’re partying it up at a 70’s Cops & Detectives party at Purple Lotus on Friday! Hope everyone can come out and enjoy a great party. Warning, it may get a little hairy.

A huge thanks to Lisa Lambert, Prudence Padgett and Todd Barron who donated to the cause!

The Holidays have hit the Waterfront.

If you’ve been downtown in the past week you will have noticed the massive 35ft sand Holiday Tree sculpture that is dominating our waterfront. This is part of the bigger and better Sand and Sea Sun’s Greetings Holiday Sand Sculptures which are decorating our downtown and waterfront areas.

There is so much going on you’ve got to check it out for yourself. Here’s the schedule. Don’t miss It!

Best Darn Kettlecorn is doing it’s Grand Opening TODAY!

I hope everyone has tried Best Darn Kettlecorn that moved into the 500 block of Clematis Street. If you haven’t, join us for the GRAND OPENING and ribbon cutting ceremony this afternoon at 5:30.

12 Days of Downtown

Do you love downtown and enjoy winning stuff? Head on over to WPBGO and participate in the 12 days of Downtown. Each day there will be a challenge posted, and winners will be picked. On the first day there was one prize, the second day there were two prizes, the third day three prizes… you get the point.

Ginger’s Dance Party

It’s time once again for the most popular dance party in Palm Beach County! Join the one-and-only Ginger on Saturday for a great time on the waterfront!

Sports Page Bar and Grill Grand Opening at the Food and Wine Promenade in Northwood

Have you been to the Sports Page Bar & Grill over at 535 25th Street in Northwood Village? Head on out to the Food and Wine Promenade tonight and be there for the Grand Opening!

Marathon TIME! Don’t miss the Waterstation at Mile Marker 10!!!

If you’re running in this year’s Palm Beach Marathon, make sure you check out the South End’s Water Station at mile marker 10. People have talked about our water station for years, and this year we are bringing back our traditional island theme. With the hula dancers, a 7ft high volcano and dancing tiki gods, you will not miss US!!!

Gossip Corner

Stuff is moving fast on Clematis Street. Fields of Greens is finalizing its move from Cityplace, and I just heard that we’re going to have a hummus bar opening up right next to it on the 400 Block! 200 block might be the best block in South Florida, but with Ultima, Field of Greens and the Chickpea, the 400 block is going to be the most healthy!

Get on Twitter!

There is so much else going on Downtown right now, there is no way I can list everything here. Best way to know everything that is happening is to get on TWITTER and follow the places that you enjoy! It’s easy, everyone is doing it! When you get on twitter make sure that you let the businesses you follow know that you’re there by interacting with them through comments and retweets.

Here are a couple ACTIVE local accounts you can get started with (I’ll mix this up each week! If you want to be listed, DM me on twitter).

That’s all from me! Have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend!