10 Places to grab a Coffee on Clematis Street

wpid-20130225_114009.jpgOne of the questions that a lot of people ask me is what exactly it is that I do. Well, one of the things that takes up a fair amount of my time each day is deciding where I’m going to drink my afternoon cup of coffee.

Yup, thanks to the newly opened Dunkin Donuts, we now officially have (at least) ten places to buy Coffee on Clematis Street, and I’m going to list them and give you my comments on each of them. I apologize ahead of time if I missed your favorite place – if I did, please let me know and I’ll make sure to swing by and give them a shoutout.

  1. Habatat Coffee is your traditional independent coffee shop. Good selection of coffees, great ambiance, always a nice group of people and great discussions.
  2. You can’t have an Irish Pub without Irish Coffee, and Oshea’s Pub doesn’t stop there. You can order regular hot coffee, French coffee, Spanish coffee (not even sure what that is), and of course the famous $3 Irish Car Bomb, which doesn’t have coffee in it, but is fun to say.
  3. Do you need a mini-pecan pie or a cupcake to go along with your coffee? Cafe Sweets Bakery is the place to go! Serving brewed coffee, Cafe Sweets has lively decor and small tables where you can sit down and take a little break.
  4. Field of Greens has been going strong since they opened. During the lunch service you have a full house, but once that slows down it is the perfect time to run in and get a quick cup of coffee.
  5. Crossing the street you’ll find that Dunkin’ Donuts just moved in, and they are already making a splash! Opening at 5am and serving their classic menu both inside the library and outside, DD is more than just your average coffee place.
  6. If you’re feeling oriental, head on over to Palm Sugar for some traditional Thai Coffee. You can also get other espresso-based hot and cold coffees. If you want to try something else you can always have one of their unique Thai teas.
  7. Don Ramon’s is where you go for your fix of Cuban coffee! And while the “24-hour” window on Clematis is no longer open 24 hours, they still brew up some wicked Cafe con Leche.
  8. Starbucks just opened again after a week or so of renovation.
  9. Clematis Street News Stand is a great stop for coffee. With their proximity to the waterfront and all day breakfast sandwich it is the perfect place to sit and watch Clematis Street go by.
  10. You would be doing an injustice to Clematis District if you didn’t mention Paris Bakery, which is a couple blocks south of Clematis on Olive. Stop by for a French coffee and enjoy some of the great baked goods or great meals.
  11. And finally the most understated coffee place in the area is Freshies “The Munchie Mart” which opened a few months ago on Dixie. Head all the way to the back for the coffee and grab some munchies on the way out.
  12. Just because every list has to have an 11 (and a 12) here’s a shoutout to Harold’s Coffee Lounge. The great eclectic independent coffee shop in Northwood!