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Happy FRIDAY everyone! The rain is done and we’re heading into another fantastic weekend. Before we get started, Saturday is going to be FUN on Clematis with Soul Food Celebration and Bamboozle. Be there.

Yesterday, I read something Sean Scott from Habatat Coffee on the 500 block wrote. I felt that it captured the essence of what makes downtown West Palm Beach such a great little urban pocket and I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

I started a coffeeshop for two reasons: I love the “feel” they often have and wanted to create that and the delicious bean that is brewed there.
What about the money? Wasn’t that a motivating factor? Not really. I knew how much coffee I would need to sell to make a living and the hours that would take, so I had a pretty good idea this wasn’t a way to pave the golden way for me. I knew it could provide me a living but would I become loaded doing it? A big probably not. But that didn’t matter because of what my goals were from day one.
I always wanted Habatat to be “the place” for all its people. I wanted them to feel a sense of security, that organic feeling of acceptance that can’t be forced. It became apparent very early on what the simple catalyst ingredient was that was needed to create the atmosphere of a place my customers could call THEIR own, not just Sean’s place. And that ingredient? Being available day in and out. Sure, serving great coffee and pouring decent latte art helped in bringing people in but why did people stay? Why did many stand around and talk with others they only got to know inside these walls? Because Habatat Coffee had a seed planted in it from day one that had this written on it:
Anyone is welcome here. You are valued more than the couple bucks a day you give us. We care about hearing your story and want to know how it is continuing each day. And so do the people around you. So stick around. Good stuff will happen. Trust me.
And my Habatat people believe it too! Are they aware of it? Maybe but probably not. Did they sign some weird Habatat cult creed? No. They believe it because they’re DOING it everyday. They’ve bought into our ethos because that’s just how we do it. And it excites me to see this common thread in our little community.
Cheesy? Maybe. But that’s the truth. That was my prayer from day one. I wanted a community to gather and grow. Not just in numbers but in depth of relationship. Try coming into Habatat and not being brought into conversation with someone. Not because I introduce you, which may or may not happen, but because other customers want to know about you. They want to know why you are there? What do you do? What’s your story? I feel like a proud dad many mornings when I look out from behind the bar and hear the din of laughter and conversation filling the room. People aren’t raving about the coffee, they’re talking about their kids, religion, inventions, school, relationships, jobs, their childhood, etc. You name it, it’s been talked about inside our walls. Is it always happy? No. Arguments happen and sometimes people leave upset. But they always come back. Why? Because Habatat is one big, ugly, quirky, fun spot. It’s often overused, but we are a family.

Alright, I’m done gushing. I love what I do. It’s a privilege. Thank you!


This Saturday it’s time for Bamboozle, a fantastically fun event to benefit Little Smiles.

Bamboozle is designed to be like a Scavenger Hunt mixed with The Amazing Race, a touch of Minute To Win It and topped off with a hint of Wipeout…Benefitting Little Smiles

Teams of four compete to earn points in the allotted time frame of 3pm – 6pm and map area which includes Clematis Street and CityPlace in Downtown West Palm Beach, FL.  Various point amounts are awarded for completing obstacles, challenges, clues, riddles and some luck.
“Tito’s Vodka After Party” at O’shea’s from 6pm – 8pm. Get your tickets here!

Upcoming EVENTS:

That’s all from me! Have a happy weekend and I’m sure I’ll see you on Clematis.