The West Palm Beach Green Market opens to great Social Media reviews

The West Palm Beach Green Market opens to great Social Media reviews

On Saturday, the green market opened up for it’s 2013 Winter Season. The weather was perfect, even though it got a little hot towards noon, and everyone from the Mayor, Commissioners, City Department Heads, to the vendors, and families were out to enjoy it.

Mayor Jeri Muoio opening up the Green Market (Photo by
Trinnette Morris)

Whether you’re there to buy produce, meet friends, or just walk your dog and enjoy the waterfront you will have a good time at the Green Market.

I wanted to see just how much fun everyone had at the opening of the Green Market, so I headed to Twitter & Instagram to see what people were saying. I was OVERWHELMED with the response that I saw.

After about 20 minutes of searching I found 63 tweets, pictures and instagrams sent out from the green market (not counting mine). This is not counting all the people that checked in on Foursquare or Facebook or people who shared pictures privately.

People love our waterfront and the events that the City hosts, and while we have a small contingent of people who complain on various forums (like the Palm Beach Post comments), the VAST MAJORITY of the people who actually go out to enjoy all the city has to offer loves it. And a look to see what social media is saying proves this.

Enjoy (and make sure to click through to read all 3 PAGES!!!)

Have a great week, and I hope to see you at next week’s Green Market!