Vote for aGuyonClematis for Miami New Times Best of Web 2013

Vote for aGuyonClematis for Miami New Times Best of Web 2013

Dear Friends,

Happy Monday! I had to share this EPIC news with you. Miami New Times has nominated aGuyonClematis in two different categories in the 2013 best of web competition.
1. Funniest Twitterer
I’m not sure how I got nominated to this category, but I’m in with some heavy hitters. Documentary Maker Billy Corben (of Cocain Cowboys fame) and some guy named Pepe who tweets in Spanglish (which is always hilarious) both have over 21,000 followers. But even though I have a small fraction of the number of followers, I would put my tweeple up against theirs any day of the week!!!
2. Best Neighborhood BlogI’m honored to be in this category. The Downtown West Palm Beach neighborhood has grown and gelled over the last few years. More people are hearing about Clematis Street and more people are moving downtown, and both these things have driven business to downtown businesses and enabled them to grow and expand (albeit slowly). We have created a walkable urban environment that cities all over the country are jealous of. I’m very happy to be a part of it. My competition is Wes Blackman’s very interesting Lake Worth Blog, and then some other sites in Miami.

3. Vote for Andy Royston for Best Flickr Account

I’m going to give a shoutout to my (internet) friend Andy Royston, best known for his @ftlauderdalesun twitter account. He’s a great iphone photographer who goes out and takes pictures of the sun rising EVERY day, rain or shine! Even after years of taking pictures of the same trees and waves he still manages to be very creative. Vote for him as well!

There don’t seem to be any rules, so until I hear differently I’m assuming that people can vote once a day (that’s what I’m doing).