Honoring our Veterans on Clematis Street – the West Palm Beach Parade!

On Sunday West Palm Beach held their Veterans Day Parade on Clematis Street. The energy in the Parade is always fantastic, but this year the parade was the longest I’ve seen.

The parade started at 2 in the afternoon, but we came early to get our spots and to check out the staging area before the parade begins. It’s great seeing everyone as they get set up & taking pictures inside the vehicles and you always bump into people you know!

Taking the old helicopter out for a spin before the parade starts!

Mike Trim, from the Live News desk at WPTV did a great job of emceeing the event. Even though it was close to record heat for this time of year in West Palm Beach, the energy was pumping for the hour & a half parade!

Mike Trim interviewing West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio

It’s always good seeing our local elected officials participating in and enjoying the parade each year.

Congressman Patrick Murphey with Congresswoman Lois Frankel
State Senator & former Lake Worth Mayor, Jeff Clemens
State Senator & former Lake Worth Mayor, Jeff Clemens
City Commisisoner Ike Robinson saluting the troops as they move by.
City Commissioner Ike Robinson saluting the troops as they move by.

Then came all the bikers – there is nothing better than a bunch of veterans, old and young making a ton of noise with their bikes. That’s what I call a party!

Here come the bikes!
This guy was riding in style!

The ROTC and JROTC groups came out in full force for the parade!


Of course any parade isn’t complete without the classic cars, and we had plenty!

All of our local beauty queens driving down Clematis in Classic Cars
Veterans cruising down Clematis Street in style

I took over 300 pictures on my phone of the event, there were so many great veterans groups and other groups that came downtown to join in the parade! Even the Muck Monster was there!

Looking through all the pictures, I struggled to pick out just a few, as I would love to be able to feature everyone who came out and gave their time for our parade!  It was a really great event & a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Always good to see Deshon and his MAKOS Cheerleaders!

Happy Veterans Day! Take some time today to thank our Veterans for all the sacrifices that they have made to give us the freedoms we so often take for granted!


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