It’s November, and I’m Starting the 30-Day Blogging Challenge!


Dear Diary,

Just kidding! This is not that type of blog. Well it might be; I haven’t really thought about this being a “type” of blog. I guess to describe it to the uninitiated, it’s kind of like a blog about random stuff that happens on Clematis Street, kind of like the Seinfeld of blogs. Except that instead of being in New York I’m in West Palm Beach, and instead of being a comedian I’m the CTO of a Hedge Fund company, and instead of being Jewish, I’m a Finnish/Cincinnatian who’s never been able to sit through an episode of Seinfeld.

I started this blog in 2009 while the new West Palm Beach waterfront was under construction. Walking to work every day I saw incredible changes happening, but it amazed me that nobody was talking about it. So I started posting pictures of the work, and in the years since then the blog has taken on a life of its own.

To keep things fresh, each November I like to do something crazy. My faithful readers might remember last year when I celebrated Movember with Sunman, and grew this stunning stash.

I have no idea where the Cheetah’s cap came from … I swear!

While Movember is hard to beat, for 2013 I decided to take the South Florida Social Media 30-Day Blog Challenge. This means instead of focusing all my energy into growing my facial hair I will be writing a blog entry every day. For prolific bloggers this is probably not a big deal, but seeing that I have only written a total of about 30 blog entries over  the four years that I’ve been blogging it’s a pretty big challenge.

Sometimes I will take pictures of stuff big events like when Ozzy came downtown to be presented with the Key to West Palm Beach…

Ozzy getting the key to the city

or when a storage unit burst into flames just off Clematis Street on a Saturday night…

Fire on Olive right off Clematis Street

And other times I’ll just show up at bars and events and take pictures of the Clematis Street regulars enjoying a Happy Hour…

Alex, Slade, LeAnn, Kimberly, Brian and crew enjoying happy hour at Longboards

or when a little bit of rain won’t stop these guys from enjoying Sunfest!

Clematis Cain, Carley, Danny, Leah enjoying the rainy SunFest

As you can see, I like taking pictures. I don’t know what the pictures will be of but I know that Clematis Street will always provide unto me bloggable material.

I’m glad that you’re reading and look forward to your comments along the way. The best ways to keep in touch is via Twitter, Facebook, signing up for my weekly email list, or Following me on Pinterest (really).

That’s all for today! I hope to see you on Clematis Street!

Aaron “aGuyonClematis” Wormus