Muses & Visionaries – M&V Magazine & a short chat with Roy Assad

Muses and Visionaries is a woman’s co-working space on the waterfront of Downtown West Palm Beach. It’s great location and beautiful interior decor makes it the perfect place for the Femfesional to set up shop as a member or just visit for one of the many classes that are offered in the space.


Muses and Visionaries in Downtown West Palm Beach

One of the unique things about Muses and Visionaries is the companies & community that have formed around the co-working space. One of the founders of M&V is Lena Hyde who’s creative company Design Aglow is the energy behind Project Life 365 a global photo-a-day challenge.

The great thing about ProjectLife365 is that, very much like South Florida Social Media Club’s 30-day’s blogging challenge, having a goal in this case a themed picture a day for 365 days forces out the creativity, and what emerges are very honest and real works of art each submitted from all around the world each day.


M&V Magazine

The most recent, and possibly most ambitious project to come out of Muses & Visionaries is the M&V magazine. The first issue was released this week.

The M&V Magazine Team

In the first Letter from the Publisher, Muses & Visionaries Co-founder Erin Rossitto gives this insight into the benefit of print media in a digital age.

I am a believer that print media is still a powerful tool for communication. While digital media is a brilliant solution to our very busy and portable lives, there is a reassuring sense of permanence that comes from printed content. Not only do I think it is still relevant, I argue that there are many women, like myself, who relish in and would never give up the tactile experience of a magazine in hand.

The first edition is available online, and I’m sure the printed version will soon be popping up in newsstands near you.

Over the weekend I emailed back and forth with West Palm Beach Downtowner & Chief Operating Officer of M&V magazine (he’s also the lucky guy in the middle of all the models in the picture above). His responses on Co-working, Entrepreneurship & Downtown West Palm Beach were insightful & I’m including them here for your benefit.

aGuyonClematis: The M&V magazine was born out of the Muses & Visionaries Co-working space. How important do you think the co-working concept is to people getting started with companies.

Roy Assad: Today more than ever new businesses are being launched, and entrepreneurs are looking for ways to collaborate and not be isolated, co-working spaces provide such a great environments for these entrepreneurs to thrive and learn from one another, all this in addition to the savings in rent they would realize!

aGuyonClematis: As a life-long entrepreneur what advice can you give to local entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

Roy Assad: Owning your own business is not for the faint of heart, you must have a determination to succeed made of steel, you must be resolved that failure is not an option, and first and foremost you must love what you do and be great at it.

aGuyonClematis: You’ve been instrumental to the growth and development of Downtown West Palm Beach over the years. What drew you hear and what do you see in the future of the area?

Roy Assad: When I moved to West Palm Beach back in 2001 it was primarily to get away from the hustle of NYC and work in paradise, and West Palm was all that! Although I had initially intended to slow down and get less involved, I found myself getting involved in more projects and I must admit that I am having a blast.

West Palm Beach is going thru another growth phase, wait a year and see the number of cranes in the skylines, and the jobs that will be created from these developments! This is going to attract more entrepreneurs to the area and additional services to cater to the new residents and businesses.

A big thanks to Roy for all the work that he does among the businesses in West Palm Beach – Thanks for taking the time to chat!

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