My top 5 favorite food vendors at the West Palm Beach Green Market

My top 5 favorite food vendors at the West Palm Beach Green Market

West Palm Beach has a phenomenal Green Market. From October to May over 100 vendors come down to the West Palm Beach waterfront to sell their wares and produce to the locals.

With food, music, charities, activities, locals and their canine companions, the Green Market is always a good time on Saturday mornings.

In no particular order, here are my top 5 Green Market vendors.

Eurochefs Catering

Joey and Helen make up the EuroChefs catering company, and when they aren’t catering high-end Palm Beach events you can find them at the Green Market selling their delicious crab cakes and delicious raspberry lemonade.

Joey and Helen are the EuroChefs

Havana’s Cafe con Leche

I live half a block away from Havana’s on the corner of Dixie and Forest Hill, however I trek down to the green market to get a cup of their Cafe con Leche. Because it’s just that good!

There is always a line and at least a 15 minute wait to get that cup of coffee, but when I go to the Green Market you can be sure that I will stand in line to get a cup!

Cafe con Leche, it's worth the wait.
Cafe con Leche, it’s worth the wait.

Two Friends Pepper Jelly

So my Father-in-law visited us last month from Frankfurt, Germany. On one of the first days he found a jar of Dave’s famous Pepper jelly in our fridge and I guess since they don’t have anything like that in Germany, insisted that we took him to get some to bring back with him.

We had to bring him to the Green Market so that he could get as much Pepper Jelly as he could carry.

Come for the pepper jelly, stay for the amazing 'stache
Come for the pepper jelly, stay for the amazing ‘stache



Now, to fully enjoy the West Palm Beach Green Market you need to come Hungry. You will find lots of opportunities to find delicious things to fill you up. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, then look no farther than the delicous crepe stand.

The menu is extensive. If you’re a purist you can just go for powdered sugar, or Nutella. Or you can go nuts and get a combination of Nutella or Caramel with Banana, Strawberry, or many other rich toppings.

Each portion is huge, sweet, and very, very delicious. You simply can’t miss this one!

Chef cooking up some Crepes for breakfast
Chef cooking up some Crepes for breakfast

Mom’s Pops

Mom’s Pops are our absolute favorite. Homemade popsicles, with some of the most tasty and original flavors you’ll find. Today we had “Red Dragon”  and “Strawberry Balsamic”. Over the weeks we’ve had many, many fantastic flavors including the weird and wonderful “Watermelon Jalapeno”

Everything is homemade, you can get one popsicle for $3, 2 for $5 or you can get a whole box to bring to a party or a day at the beach.

These are just a few of the amazing vendors that come down to our wonderful Green Market each week. Hope to see you there soon!