Startup Weekend and West Palm Beach as a Technology Hub

Good morning friends, Happy Thursday-is-the-new-Friday!

Lots going on this weekend but I want to focus on something very unique that has come to West Palm Beach – Startup Weekend is coming to West Palm Beach this week!

What is Startup Weekend?

Have you ever had an idea of something that you think could turn into a great business, but just didn’t have the team and/or business connections/time to turn your idea into a reality? Startup Weekend was formed because there are a lot entrepreneurs with great ideas among us, and sometimes all that is needed is to bring together the right team with the purpose of building & launching a product and amazing things can happen.

Get your tickets now – use code “webmonday” to get $25 off – it’s the best way you can spend the weekend.

Startup weekend will start at 5pm on Friday afternoon and will pack Saturday and Sunday full of events, mentorship and development opportunities. All the attendees will join teams which will form organically around the top ideas. Then it’s a 56 hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing and market validation. There are mentors along the way who will guide you through the potential hurdles along the way, and after 54 hours of development and teamworking each team will present in front of local entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback.

This is an event that everyone, young and old can benefit from being involved in.

Chris Callahan, Nick Mohnacky and Chris Roog planning Startup Weekend
Chris Callahan, Nick Mohnacky and Chris Roog planning Startup Weekend

Here are some highlights:

Day 1: Friday

Registration at 5pm. Teams  pitching different ideas, everyone votes on what the top ideas are and teams are formed based on talent.

Day 2: Saturday

8am start. Teams get to work, coaches make themselves availalbe to build business plans. 10pm finish.

Day 3: Sunday

Teams finish up their work, coaches ask questions about the product & help streamline. 5pm Final Presentations – with Judging and awards. 9pm Go Home.

Day 4: Monday BarCamp at Bar Louie from 5:30pm till 9 – This is my unofficial post-Startup Weekend Party! Free event – come and enjoy with us! More details here.

Over 70 people have already registered, and we really want YOU to join us as well for this great experience.

Technology and West  Palm Beach

I got involved in the West Palm Beach technology scene in October of 2009 when I started up WebMonday, our group of technology enthusiasts who get together on the first Monday of each month to discuss developments in technology and learn from each other. I very early on saw the potential of West Palm Beach as a technology hub, for a small(ish) town we have good established technology companies, but even more important we have a very large pool of entrepreneurs and small technology businesses who really helping to grow the local technology ecosystem.

Palm Beach Post just reported that West Palm Beach was #2 in a survey of most digital cities in 2013, while this might not sound like  a big deal to many, a strong technology core is essential to spur growth and help bring business to ever other type of industry in the city.

Chris Callahan & Nick Mohnacky and their Startup Palm Beach initiative are responsible for putting this all together, so I wanted to give a shoutout to them and thank them for the hours and hours of work and phone calls they put together the sponsors and all the moving parts that are needed to make this happen.

I hope to see you there!

Join us at Startup Weekend West Palm Beach!
Join us at Startup Weekend West Palm Beach!

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