WPB Community Redevelopment Agency contracts Aqua Marketing to work on rebranding West Palm Beach

The first time I heard about Aqua was in one of our Economic Development Director Chris Roog tweeted out:


Today news came in via the Palm Beach Post that the city of West Palm Beach is contracting with Aqua to work on branding the city.

The idea is to both define the city image and target businesses and industries and urge them to set up shop in West Palm Beach. On top of that, Aqua would find ways to keep businesses in town, and find out why a business left town, or why a business had West Palm Beach on a wish list but ultimately set up shop elsewhere.

Who is Aqua

For a company that is only popped on the scene in March of 2011, Aqua Marketing and Communication, Inc has made quite a name for itself. The St. Petersburg, FL based company has gotten awards for work in the following organizations: Collier County CVB, Amelia Island TDC, Seminole County CVB, Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, St. Pete/Clearwater Area CVB, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority, Florida International Museum, Salvador Dalí Museum

Their website claims that Aqua Marketing:

Offers an interdisciplinary approach, specializing in tourism, economic development, real estate and healthcare industries, and governmental entities.

I’ve got to say, from the website examples that are on the site it looks like they do pretty good work. Other than that, we don’t have a lot more information as to what the scope of this project will be.

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