This is the final day of Startup weekend in West Palm Beach.

Starting with 5o teams competing, the field has been narrowed down to fewer than 10. The Yo! App is one of the final group, who will be pitching to a panel of judges that include Architects, Successful Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, & the West Palm Beach Mayor.

The Yo! App hard at work!

The Yo! App hard at work!

About the Yo! Application

The Yo! App is mobile web and smart phone application allowing bar-goers to visually display their orders at local watering holes.

I came up with the idea on day 1, and recruited John Studdard, Joseph Russo, Gabriel Goldstein, James Carvin and Richard Hall to develop the application in less than 24 hours, from concept to launch.

One of the important goals was to validate our business model by showing that it can bring in money. The Yo! App team was the first group to achieve a profit, thanks to an advertising agreement with Tin Fish Clematis Restaurant.

The screenshot of our first product – and our sponsor Tin Fish Clematis


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