Have you met Sandi?

Downtown West Palm Beach is getting some national media this week, and the focus is our 600-ton Holiday tree “Sandi”. The Huffington Post put Sandi & the City of West Palm Beach as #1 in their list of “10 Towns that go BIG for Christmas


2012 Christmas Tree


The tree in the picture, is from last year. Since then Sandi has gained about 100 tons!

West Palm Beach’s 600 Ton “Sandi”

As noted in the Huffington Post story, this year’s tree went up in record time. My “sources” tell us that the brief rainy spells helped the sand to stick better and the artists were  able to carve

Setting up the Base
Setting up the Base
Building the scaffolding
Building the scaffolding
Working from the top down!


And it's almost done!
And it’s almost done!

If anyone is wondering, the sand statues are sprayed with a fixing agent so that they will keep standing through a rain storm.

Tomorrow (Thursday) the Massive tree will be lit during a very special Clematis by Night starring Randy Houser! Come on down!f