New Renderings of the 1112 South Flagler Drive ultra-luxury Condo Proposal

New Renderings of the 1112 South Flagler Drive ultra-luxury Condo Proposal

Dear Readers,

This is a quick update to let you know where this project is & to let you see the newest renderings that I just recieved.

The project has been reduced in size by about 30% – with 76 units instead of the original 90+. Here is an example with the original tower as a dotted outline.

Click for larger images.

1112drawingThe reduction in size came after discussions with the neighbors, & city commission. The First Baptist Church is lowering their asking price for the land to make this possible.

This final iteration has 2 options which will be submitted to the commission on the 21st. Both options have the exact same square footage on the same platform – the first,  is 22 stories &  wide & the second is 26 stories and thinner.



Another option that was added from community feedback is a PUBLIC walking / biking trail around the east side of the building. This makes the waterfront accessible to the community.

Top views of the 1112 South Flagler project – please note the landscaping that will take place on the FBC property. 

Wider building


Taller (thinner) Building

The space between the Triannon and the base of the 1112 South Flagler has been opened up, and the green area will be used to build a “Spectacular piece of art”.


The view of the public walking / biking path around the outside of the building (that will be open from 7am till 10pm).


To contrast that, this is what the area looks like now.

I have written about this project before and will be writing more about it in the next week. I wanted to get these renderings out quickly.

There will be a public meeting with the community and the developers to discuss these most recent plans on the 16th – location to be determined.

Additional details in the Palm Beach Post article.


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