We all knew that Clematis Street is awesome, but the American Planning Association 2014 report officially recognizes Clematis Street as one of the “Ten Great Streets in America”

The report, which lists Clematis St. alongside Pennsylvania Avenue, in DC and Broadway in NY had the following to say about Clematis Street.

Clematis Street has been the commercial district for Palm Beach County since the 1890s. Today it is known as the “Main Street” and entertainment center of West Palm Beach. The street is viewed by locals as the city’s living room — a place where people come to shop, dine, do business, relax, and have fun. The eclectic and authentic architecture along Clematis has evolved over the last century, spanning nearly every significant era and style from 1890 to 2009.

Shops and restaurants line the ground floor of historic buildings for the length of the street, providing abundant dining and entertainment options. Businesses range from 100-year-old retailers and modern dance clubs to health food emporiums. Annual events, concerts and festivals draw crowds of locals and visitors to Clematis Street.

Increasingly, startup businesses, small tech companies, creative office industry offices, and artists are occupying spaces above shops and restaurants, further energizing and activating the street, often at off hours, reflecting residents’ non-traditional work schedules.

If you need any more reminders about the awesomeness of Clematis Street, here are a couple of pictures of the places and people that make Clematis Street the best street in America!