ncognito: new boutique Health Studio on Clematis Street

I first heard of ncognito, when I got calls from two of my friends, telling me that the second location of the Wellington-based Boutique Health Studio, ncognito, was opening up on Clematis Street.

ncognito, brands themselves as “a boutique health studio in Wellington and Downtown West Palm Beach that believes in using fitness, massage and nutrition as the foundation of a healthy, happy life. Whether you are looking to embark on a transformational journey, escape the stresses of everyday life or learn how to make smarter food choices – we have something for you.

Boutique it is! ncognito opened up on the 200 block of Clematis street in one of the the suites above Pawnshop, and is set up beautifully. Multiple massage suites,  kitchen (with fresh fruit),  towel service, showers and a modern gym with great equipment. And best of all, and this is something that the “hot-box” crossfitters will appreciate, air-conditioning.


Open from 5am till 8pm ncognito offers its members flexible plans which include personal training, group classes and massage. The focus is very much on individual development and  classes are no larger than 4 people.

wpid-img_20150224_065936.jpgThis morning I went in at 6am for a fitness evaluation.  While I like to think I work out pretty regularly ( 2 or 3 times a week) the difference between the high intensity interval training and this specialized workout was noticeable. I have no doubt that I’ll be sore tomorrow.

The best part was that after the workout you were stretched out/massaged by the trainer. During our stretch session Marcus Nisbet, founder of ncognito, talked a bit about his background in wellness therapy.

“I’ve been a personal trainer for over 15 years, but after an accident and going through therapy my views on training changed. I completed my training in massage therapy over 10 years ago, which also refined the way we train. We focus on flexibility, because you’re only as strong as you are flexible.”

Whether you are looking to improve your diet, get a good personalized workout plan, or just get a relaxing massage after a hard day at the office, you’ll find that ncognito has something for you.

Check them out.


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