Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence at the O’Donnell Agency

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence at the O’Donnell Agency

What’s better than a gathering of friends and familiar faces coupled with great food and music? Those are the best things in life, and there was plenty of familiar West Palm Beach faces celebrating 20 years of great work by the O’Donnell Agency and their new office christening.


Held at the O’Donnell Agency on the corner of Banyan and Olive, locals such as DDA Executive Director Raphael Clemente, Palm Beach Tech Executive Director Joseph Russo, William Roger Cummings of William Roger Cummings Broker and more were in attendance for hors d’oeuvres, champagne and a walk down memory lane of the top marketing agency in West Palm Beach.

It’s what’s expected from the agency that boasts 140 dog years of experience, 182 wrinkles and 10,000 cups of coffee, according to their invitation.

Congratulate Carey O’Donnell and her colleagues on their hard work and perseverance when you get a chance, and make sure to keep an eye out on whatever fun projects their working on such as the outdoor museum CANVAS and the Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank.  Find out more about them at odonnell.agency

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