Join the Downtown Neighborhood Association on Thursday to Celebrate the Holidays

Join the Downtown Neighborhood Association on Thursday to Celebrate the Holidays

If you’re not a member of the West Palm Beach Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA), then you’re in luck! On Thursday the 17th of December, the DNA invites you to head down to Camelot for their annual  holiday party.

The party isn’t just for DNA members. If you sign up for a 2016 DNA membership ($35) those members get free admission to the party, and 2015 members have to pay $15. $25 if you just want to attend the party, and not join the DNA (but who’d want to do that?).

We will have our food catered by Longboards & Hullabaloo, and two drinks for each member. DJ, Raffle prizes and other entertainment along with a professional photographer in front of the JFK mural on the side of the building.

You will meet characters like:

  • Micheal Cuevas: President of the DNA
  • Jesse Bailey: Vice President, resident “New Urbanist” and WalkableWPB Blogger.
  • Cynthia Nalley: The person who makes everything happen at the DNA
  • Susan Landeryou: DNA Secretary and Downtown living expert.
  • Raphael Clemente: Downtown Development Authority Executive Director
  • Commissioner Paula Ryan: West Palm Beach Commissioner for District 3, which includes all of Downtown
  • Rick Rose: Local Inn-Keeper
  • Juan Orellana: Master of the SkyBikes
  • Barry O’Brien: Radio Host Extraordinaire
  • and I’m sure many, many others

When talking to Micheal Cuevas about the benefits of joining the DNA, he said:

I think the biggest benefit of the DNA is getting to know your neighbors, and develop a sense of community in a downtown our downtown that is a city, but also a neighborhood. Our DNA is open to anyone who feels that they have a stake in our downtown. We do limit certain board member and business participation to be within our georgraphic neighborhood association borders, but if you work or spend a lot of time in the downtown and want to meet people, network, and otherwise play a part in a city you are welcome to join. Our city is going through a lot of growth and the next few years should be a very exciting time. The DNA is committed to trying to making our city the best it can be for businesses and residents and with several hundred members working together I believe we can have a positive impact in that goal.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Now RSVP!

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