Opera at the Waterfront – Recap by Esteban Garcia

It was my first time going an Opera at the Waterfront event– only the second time I’ve ever attended an opera and that time was in a theatre– and it was a joyous event. The weather is wonderful in Florida this time of year. A bit hot if you were moving around as I was, helping people download their awesome app.  As the event went on, refreshing breezes cooled you down. It was nice to see the families lounging about, and some people even brought their pets while the performers entertained all.

The performances were impressive as a bystander taking it all in.  There were so many talented performers and they certainly put on an entertaining show.  Loud and clear, which you can imagine was out of each performers setting as they’re used to performing in theatres.

I helped people download the Palm Beach Opera app: an app that lets you follow along with the performances with up-to-date translations and gives you more information on the event, the artists and more. It’s such an awesome concept that modernizes the classical genre of music that is opera, bringing it to the 21st century.

Although there were slight wi-fi issues at first, the app made it the experience a lot more fun, and a couple people even won free opera tickets.  Not too shabby.

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