Planting Mangroves with 4Mang

Although they don’t look the part, those bushy plants along the Florida coast, mangroves, are extremely essential and beneficial to the environment. The plants protect uplands from storm winds, waves and floods. That’s in addition to trapping and capturing various organic materials, chemical elements and important nutrients for marine animals, according to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

That is why former Seminole Kyle Rossin has made mangroves such an important element to 4Mang. With his passion for saltwater fishing fueling his desire to give back to his community, coupled with the fact that he always “wanted to do something different,” Kevin decided to make it his business helping the Florida ecosystem with 4Mang.

“The mangroves are kind of like the base of the food web,” Kyle said. “It tells a nice symbiotic story.”

Buy one, plant one is 4Mang’s mission statement for their initiative to give back. They’re a high performance apparel and gear company dedicated to preserving the natural ecology of our coastlines and mangrove ecosystems.  For every item sold through Mang, a mangrove will be planted for you.  And there’s a planting site here West Palm Beach.

Here’s a message from their website:

“At MANG we hope to inspire outdoor enthusiasts who have the same passion to protect, preserve and enjoy the resources that we have. With your support we can all help to ensure that we are conserving marine habitats for future enthusiasts to enjoy.”

To say that mangroves help our ecosystem is an understatement. Get more info on mangroves and 4Mang’s site while you pick up some cool merch and help keep our states waters healthy.

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