What to Get Into This Weekend in WPB

The city of West Palm Beach is truly rich in its culture and charm. There’s always beautiful, educational and intriguing events going on around the city. There are even more events that you wouldn’t think twice about, but then you find yourself strolling along downtown and see something going on that catches your attention and you have to check it out. The next thing you know, you have a new favorite hobby or, at the very least, you’re glad you decided to check it out. Well here’s the place to find all of those events going on in West Palm beach, so don’t miss out!

Art After Dark: “Where Culture and Entertainment Meet” at The Norton Museum of Art from Mo on Vimeo.

This weekend there’s a bunch as you might expect. On Thursday, the Norton’s weekly Where Culture and Entertainment Meet! will have music, tours, art activities, dance, wine tastings, chef demos and much more! Admission is $12 for adults with discounts for students. Visit here  for more information.

On Friday, musician Yo-Yo Ma, who boasts over 90 albums including 18 Grammy Award winners, will join us at the Kravis Center at 8 pm. Tickets start at $35. Find out more information by visiting here.

Also starting on Friday until Saturday will be the Historic Trolley Tour from 3-4. Relax and take in the history of Downtown West Palm Beach come to life for $5 (FREE for children 10 and under).

You can take the tour before enjoying Moon Mouse: A Space Odyssey on Saturday at the Kravis Center at 10 am for $12.

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