Whatcha Getting Into This Weekend?

Relaxation is underrated. Especially when we’re out and about enjoying the city all the time. There’s nothing better than dedicating some time to yourself and reading a book or taking a nap after getting back from an exhausting day. Work hard. Play hard. Relax Hard.

And with all of the meditation lessons always available, it’s as easy as ever! Come to the library this Friday for Beginner’s Thai Chi and learn how it can benefit your relaxation, energy and balance. Classes are held every Friday at 11 am at the library auditorium where optional donations are taken. For more information, call the Mandel Library at (561) 868- 7701 located at 411 Clematis St.

After all that relaxation, you can travel back in time while experiencing two illustrious stories that have stood the tests of time for two nights at the Kravis Center.

First it’s a night for the guys watching one of the most celebrated fictional investigators of all time in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The performances will take place on Thursday and Friday at 7:30 pm.  Find out more here.

Then it’s a night for the ladies in the most romantic love stories to exist in Romeo and Juliet. The performances will take place on Saturday (at 7:30 pm) and Sunday (2 pm).  Find out more here.

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