Social Enterprise Conference Coming to West Palm Beach on March 12th

There is a new conference “Social Enterprise Conference 2016” that is coming to town on Saturday, the 12th of March.

Social Enterprise Conference 2016 is a day-long seminar hosted by Palm Beach Atlantic University in collaboration with Through a series of panels, attendees will learn the concept of Social Enterprise and various models whereby it succeeds in both overall business revenue and community contribution. The panelists themselves are among some of the most prominent and brilliant founders, executives, and innovators in the fields of Social Enterprise, Impact Investing, Real Estate, and Addiction. By getting like-minded leaders together, we hope to impart knowledge on the students, local business leaders, and entrepreneurs to help them create and sustain a corporate culture distinguished by a strong commitment to social responsibility.

I got to sit down and talk with Alex Golding at WebMonday and he told me more about his vision for Social Enterprise Conference. “This is a passion project, that I put together after I came back to West Palm Beach after Studying in NYU. It’s all about how to use social enterprise to add value to a firm without losing profit, how do you improve the world and make money doing so. If you’re a professional lawyer, city employee, asset managers, or anyone in the addiction world or real estates or engineering. Entrepreneurs and people who work in the non-profit sector will also learn a lot from this event.

80% of the speakers are local. Commissioner Paula Ryan will be speaking and Commissioner Keith James will be attending. There will be a whole panel on Urban Planning, Economic Development, addiction, legal issues, social entrepreneurship, finance / asset management. Land and infrastructure. Palm Beach Atlantic has been great to work with, we’ve also gotten funding Knight Foundation and Quantum and the Community foundation for Palm Beach and Martin County. Mako Marketing Group and Agape Love foundation are also sponsors.


Location: Palm Beach Atlantic University,
Weyenberg Conference Center, 900 S Olive Dr, Second Floor,
West Palm Beach FL 33401

Date: Saturday March 12, 2016
Time: 9:30AM – 5:30PM

Cost: 5o$

Get your tickets TODAY!


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