Dreyfoos Grad returns to Florida to Knit a Dream Blanket

Florida-bred and Brooklyn-based filmmaker, Valerie Brooks (Dreyfoos School of the Arts Alumni and FSU Film School graduate), is heading back home to West Palm Beach in May to direct her short film “Knit Yourself A Dream Blanket”.

“Knit Yourself A Dream Blanket” is the story of “An unstable real-estate agent who gets roped into robbing her twin sister’s pet store, by two incompetent rabble-rousing millennials”. It’s a thirty-minute adventure story, reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen’s iconic Florida book, “Nature Girl.”

The movie features the local “Tanks a Lot Aquariums” and the film maker is looking to collaborate with local businesses looking to expand their visibility, since the film will be screened in festivals nation-wide. After all, this film hinges on the colorful culture of South Florida, its people, and its industry.

Movies aren’t made for free, so the have set up an indiegogo project to raise the approximately $15,000 needed for the production cost and paying the crew during their 10-day shoot in South Florida.



Perks for donating include: $20 for a credit, $100 for saying your name in the movie, $500 executive director credit and $1000 for a hand-knit balaclava from the movie, and a lot of donation levels in between.

Donate here!

If you have questions or inquiries as to how you can help, feel free to contact Julia at jujefriedman@gmail.com.


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