Socksational – a Junior Achievement Company at #GreatGive16

I’m sitting outside of Subculture celebrating the 2016 Great Give, raising donation for Junior Achievement an organization that reaches nearly 20,000 local students each year. The programs teach students the key concepts of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship; crucial life skills for today’s economy.

In December, 2015 Enida Jeteric and Katie Logsdon had the idea to sell fun and creative socks in different styles for all ages and genders. Truly a one size fits all product. Junior Achievement worked with the Socksational team to go over the financials and help the team work on how to execute the project.

As Juniors at Palm Beach Gardens high school, they joined the Junior Achievement JA Company program which “provides basic economic education for high school students by allowing them to organize and operate an actual business. Students not only learn how businesses function, they also learn about the structure of the U.S. free enterprise system and the benefits it provides.” As part of the program Socksational socks are now in a friendly competition with another Junior class to start and run a business over the course of the school year. Socksational has so far made more money than any other class project. The next step in the competition is travelling to DC and competing against all the national winners of the Junior Achievement competition.

A Socksational Collection!

The Socksational team pick the styles of socks and they are bought wholesale through Alibaba. Expenses are kept low by selling their socks primarily at the school and working through their shareholders (yes, they have shareholders) to put up booths at local events, festivals, car shows, etc.

Claudia Kirk Barto, President of Junior Achievement commented on Socksational’s success “I love that Junior Achievement can inspire young people to start their own companies. And I look forward to expanding the project to other schools and bring together more entrepreneurs to support these businesses.

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