50 Ways to spread Kindness in West Palm Beach

50 Ways to spread Kindness in West Palm Beach

In a time when anger seems to be ruling the day, the City of West Palm Beach is committing to becoming a catalyst of kindness by inspiring residents, community organizations, schools, and local businesses to help create a kinder, more gracious world.

Mayor Jeri Muoio has kicked off this movement by signing a City of Kindness pledge, which was inspired by the 100 Billion Acts of Kindness Resolution drafted and ratified in June 2016 at the 84th annual U.S. Conference of Mayors. Motivated by the nearly 300 U.S. cities that adopted the resolution, the City of West Palm Beach commits to fostering a culture of kindness and sharing resources to inspire kindness.

“Signing the Kindness Pledge is a first step toward changing the culture of our City and our community in a very positive way,” said Mayor Muoio. “Simple, powerful and unsolicited acts of kindness can make a difference in the lives of our neighbors and in the lives of the next generation,” she added. “I challenge everyone to perform random acts of kindness daily!”

The City put out a list of 50 random acts of kindness on the City of West Palm Beach’s website, I’ve copied some of my favorites.

#2: Post a genuine compliment to three people on social media
#6: Allow someone into your lane. They’re probably in a rush – just like you.
#11: Bring coffee, doughnuts or healthy snacks to share with your coworkers.
#13: Pick up litter – even if someone else dropped it
#17: Help out a single parent by offering to baby-sit.
#19: Donate books to your local library
#27: Forgive someone. And really mean it.
#32: Stop when you see members of the military and say thanks for their service.
#35: Donate new socks to a homeless shelter.
#36: Wave to kids on a school bus
#40: Drive slowly through neighborhoods.
#49: Introduce yourself to a new neighbor and share a tip about a favorite local restaurant.

Read the full list here

The West Palm Beach “Kindness Movement” is taking off. Resident Cynthia Rivera is one example of a resident who has stepped up to the challenge! Since December, #TeamKindnessWPB has performed community cleanups, randomly distributed $2 bills to new friends, and donated books and teddy bears to young children.

“I love West Palm Beach, and this makes sense to me,” said Riviera. “Making our City great starts with each and every one of us!”

Residents are encouraged to view a list of “kindness tips” here on the City of West Palm Beach website. Spread the word and record an act of kindness on social media channels by using the #TeamKindnessWPB hashtag!

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