On Monday the Town of Palm Beach Mayor, Gail Coniglio, West Palm Beach City Commissioner Shanon Materio and Palm Beach County Commissioner, Mack Bernard will host a Public discussion about our traffic at the Palm Beach County Convention Center

Learn more at: pbctraffic.com

Today the panelists who will be speaking was announced.

  • County Engineer, Palm Beach County, George T. Webb, P.E.
  • Florida Department of Transportation District 4 Operations Engineer, Mark Plass
  • Executive Director, Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, Michael Busha
  • Director of Public Affairs, Brightline, Ali Soule
  • CEO, Discover the Palm Beaches, Jorge Pesquera
  • Former West Palm Beach Mayor, Nancy Graham\
  • Executive Director, Metropolitan Planning Organization, Nick Uhren
  • Executive Director, Palm Tran, Clinton Forbes
  • Town of Palm Beach Manager, Tom Bradford
  • Palm Beach County Administrator, Verdenia Baker
  • Ass. Professor, Director, Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions, FAU, John Renne, Ph.D.
  • Design Director, Plusurbia, Juan Mullerat

From the website

Palm Beach County in general has seen significant increases in the number of year round and seasonal residents. West Palm Beach has experienced a spike in tourism and renewed international interest. The purpose of this forum and public discussion is to identify the many factors contributing to the problem, hear from the public impacted by the growing congestion, and to present the latest, most innovative solutions designed to move motorized traffic and pedestrians more efficiently. Topics and presenters will be informative and interactive, all towards the goal of creating viable solutions and to set the course of where we go from here.

This forum is only the first step; Point A. Our mission is to bring some of the infrastructure issues to light, provide intelligent solutions, and inform the public.