Talking with SunFest band Chemradery

If you’ve been around West Palm Beach for a while, you’re sure to recognize local band pop/rock/soul band Chemradery. I’ve seen them at Clematis by Night, Fourth on Flagler, and most recently when they competed at the Battle of the Bands in 2015 to play at Sunfest. While they didn’t play SunFest last year, they are coming THIS year and will be opening up for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on Thursday.

The Chemradery website describes their music as:

Melodic verses and choruses, simplistic; yet memorable lyrics about the positives and negatives of everyday life, and tasteful instrumentation that tie it all together. That is Chemradery. The fellowship, interaction, and common bond of everyday people, whose sole purpose is to tell a story through their music; a story that you can’t stop reading. That is Chemradery.

I got the time to conduct an email interview with lead singer, Gregory Scot Dyer, to discuss a bit about West Palm Beach and their upcoming SunFest show.

aGuyonClematis: What is the best thing about being based in West Palm Beach?

Gregory: Well, besides the beautiful weather year-round, we are attempting to tap into a market that isn’t as well known for bands to “come out of,” in some time now, so while extremely difficult, it’s all the more gratifying.

aGuyonClematis: What is your favorite place to eat on Clematis Street?

Gregory: We love pizza. Pizza girls has our heart!

aGuyonClematis: What are you looking for her the most about playing at SunFest. Being local what does it mean to you?

Gregory: I don’t know that we are looking for anything in particular, besides working in a professional environment and the feeling of our music being validated and speaking for itself. We’ve done everything independently and with the help of some friends, so that’s what makes it mean even more. We put so much work and effort into what we do, that it will be great for people to hear what we’re putting out.

aGuyonClematis: You must have been to a lot of SunFests over the years. What is your best story? How do you feel the event has changed over the years. What is unique about it?

Gregory: I’ve probably gone to the last five or so Sunfest’s religiously (every day). The best experience for me was seeing one of my favorite artists, Gavin Degraw, and then him coming up to me afterwards and recognizing me from some of his other shows. Any other stories would probably be inappropriate for print… haha.

I mean, I think the obvious uniqueness for any attendee is the wide variety of musical acts that grace the stages. You can listen to Macklemore on one end, while also listening to Ben Harper on another stage; completely different styles, but great in their own regard; All while being set amongst the beautiful West Palm Scenery and waterfront.

aGuyonClematis: Tell us about the show you’re doing on Monday at the Palm Beach Post

Gregory: On Monday at 5 PM, we will be doing a performance on the roof of the Palm Beach Post building. It will be streamed via Facebook live from the Palm Beach Post Facebook page. Will be giving you a little taste of what you can expect to hear at Sunfest. Come see us on the Ford stage on Thursday night at 5:30, before Macklemore and Ryan Lewis!

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