Things get quiet in the summer time… so over the next few weeks we will amuse ourselves (and get to know each other a bit better) with the first ever aGuyonClematis Home Photo Contest.

There will be prizes for:

  1. Best House
  2. Most Creative Picture
  3. Best Picture

The pictures will be voted on by readers of aGuyonCleamtis

Note: If you’re a business and want to donate a prize (gift certificate, etc.) please email me!

A few simple rules:

  1. You have to have taken the picture
  2. The home has to be within the city of West Palm Beach

Email pictures to TODAY add the subject like “PHOTO CONTEST”

You can submit pictures of mobile homes, like this one of Sandy’s beautiful little Airstream parked on the waterfront

You can submit pictures of your condos, yes those are beautiful condos on the top of the Esparante Building

You can submit pictures of your home all dressed up

Or… you can submit pictures of your home going on vacation

Note: This house is not going on vacation, it’s the Stambaugh Cottage from Palm Beach which was homeless for three years, before moving to North Carolina #TrueStory