The Aesop’s Tables were created by local artists and have lived at the West Palm Beach waterfront for two months over the summer.

This GoFundMe project aims to purchase a several of these beautiful tables and preserve them for the community. And we need your help!

A Big thank you to these individuals and companies who already donated $1320!

Lia Salgues, Joe Russo, Dee Hodge, Michael Roca, Michael Platt, Ginger Gowing Fowlkes, Palm Beach Segway Tours, Robert Norvell, Demetrius Klein Dance Company, Carrie Bradburn, Sherryl Muriente, Jennifer Smith, Jackson Wormus, Ed Walker, Brittany Perdigon, Susan Gibson. Jonathan Burgess, Juan Orellana

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These amazing tables have provided a central place for locals to gather.

– We enjoyed weekday lunches
– We enjoyed Game Nights
– We enjoyed Trivia on the Waterfront
– We enjoyed picnics

Tables are up for auction on August 31st.

The money raised will be used to purchase as many of these beautiful tables as possible. The money will go to charity and the tables will be available for use by the community.

Purchasing some of these amazing pieces of ART will mean a lot of everyone in downtown and will enable us to bring back the fun in new, random and unexpected ways.

Any funds not used to purchase tables will be donated directly to the charities. All donors will be listed on a website which will be dedicated to tracking the tables over the years. Donors will also be members of a SECRET Facebook group which will be used to organize and coordinate what is happening with our tables.

THANK YOU!!! Every bit helps!

The idea to buy a couple of Aesop’s Tables was hatched on Wednesday evening around a table in the outside area of Hullabaloo. Juan Orellana, Sherryl Muriente and I hatched the idea, and this GoFundMe was set up on Thursday. Now three days later, we’ve raised almost half of our goal and I’m floored by the response we’ve gotten.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Here are a couple questions that have come up since we started:

Question: Are we buying the tables from the artists?

Answer: No. The tables were paid for by the City of West Palm Beach for the Summer in Paradise event on the Waterfront. Each table was paired with a charity, and at the end of Summer in Paradise, all the tables will be auctioned off and the money will go to the associated charity.

Question: How many tables are you buying?

Answer: We are expecting that tables will be sold for $1000 at auction, so we are targeting 3. It will be an auction so we could get more or fewer.

Question: Where will the tables go?

Answer: That is up to you. If you donated to this you’ll be able to suggest locations. We want to keep it fun and unexpected, but each location will benefit the community as a whole.

Question: Can I see the tables before they are purchased?

Answer: YES! Head on down to the waterfront before the 31st of August and you’ll be able to see them all.

Question: What charities are participating?

Answer: You can see a list of the 25 charities at the City of West Palm Beach website

Question: Can I buy a table for myself?

Question: Yes, if you want to own one of these beautiful works of art, please pick one you like and then bid on it on August 31st from 6pm to 10pm. Bring your friends and your credit card!

Thanks again for donating and helping spread the word!