Ilya Tatarov on Respectable Street Cafe 30th Anniversary

Ilya Tatarov on Respectable Street Cafe 30th Anniversary

Saturday is Respectable Street Cafe’s 30th Anniversary! And it’s going to be a BIG party on the 500 block of Clematis Street. The event will start with OPEN BAR from 8pm – 9pm and FREE PIZZA.

Here is the band lineup on the 5 stages.

Main Stage
Private School 8:15 – The Pauses 9 – Everymen 9:45 – Astari Nite 10:30 – She Wants Revenge 11:30

Inside RSC
Anastasia Max 8 Grumps 8:45 – Lindsay Mills 9:30 – Ace Skully 10:15 – Lavola 11 – Million Young 11:45 – Dead and Loving it 12:30

RSC Patio
Skoros 8:15 – Shadow Reborn 9 – Yung Tarzan 9:45 – The Muggles 10:30 – Church Girls 11:15 – Old Habits 12

Symbols 8:15 – Boxwood 9 – Herns 9:45 – Backpage Escort 10:30 – Dunudes 11:15 – Milkspot 12

Narvee 8:15 – Takers and Leavers 9 – Static Momentum 9:45 – Sada 10:30 – Octo Gato 11:15 – The Watercolors 12

Get more info at the event page

There are few people who know the club scene as well as the one and only Ilya Tatarov – He posted this message on his facebook page, so with permission I’m posting it here as well for all of our benefit.

Yes – I know that I post a lot about Sub Culture Group and all of the happenings in the company! Most are simple awareness posts that are meant to help my friends decide where to spend their evening for dinner or cocktails. This one however, is much more then that…this is a landmark and a monument. A salute to an institution.

When I was much younger, I started my career in fashion, I was slightly in love with what I did – that love didn’t feel too real- it was more of a hobby ( probably due to lack to anything cool in fashion in our wonderful world of South Florida)…at the same time, about 15 years ago, I met Rodney and got exposed to Respectables Street. From there on my life started slowly changing. I kept a close eye on Rodney’s projects and was a frequent guest at Dada/ Lounge / RSC / Delux, I slowly decided to transition my career into the hospitality industry, dreaming of a day that I would be able to work for him.


I did my time as a promoter, as a event photographer, as a light guy, as a DJ, as a manager, as a door guy, and all the other little positions in between… Respectables was my beginning and an influence.

Point of this post is that if it would not be for Respectables, I would be a much different person, and I would not have the passion that I have now for my line of work, I wouldn’t have the wonderful friends that I have now, and would not have such big goals for my future.

I of course would like to see all of my friends at Camelot this Saturday, however, before doing so – please join Sub Culture Family for the festivities for the 30th Birthday of an institution that truly made Clematis Street into what it is now. An institution that hosted so many incredible concerts for bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Death Cab For Cutie. An institution that build a following of us rejects and us cool kids alike who are and always will be against the mainstream. An institution that brought people together, created friendships and even marriages. An institution that brought punks / goths/ scene kids/ emo kids/ preps/ hipsters/ and all the in between into a bond. An institution that crossed all boundaries for 3 decades.



I can not be more proud to be a part of such an amazing group. If you actually read this whole thing, then BRAVO! See you Saturday.

A much younger Aaron Wormus and Ilya Tatarov enjoying Clematis Street


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