The Inside Out Project is a “global participatory art project to pay tribute to the power and dignity of individuals by displaying their portraits in public spaces around the world. People share their untold stories and transform messages of personal identity into works of public art.

Inside Out at Time Square – By JR – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

The award winning French artist, JR, started out as a graffiti artist at 15 years old “using the city as a canvas”. He bought a camera and started documenting his art and his friends on their “adventures” on the tunnels and rooftops of Paris. He would then make copies of the pictures and pasted them throughout the city as his own “sidewalk gallery’s”

In 2005 during riots in Paris JR took to the streets and photographed some of the people who were involved in the riots. He pasted them at city hall, “We had ‘thug’ images which were stolen and distorted by the media, who are now taking over their own image. That’s when I realized the power of Paper and Glue.”

His next project to go to Israel and take portraits of Palestinians and Israelis. They pasted the pictures in 8 cities and on both sides of the boarder wall in what JR calls “The biggest illegal art exhibition ever, called ‘Face 2 Face'”.

Watch JR’s TED talk and learn more about his

Inside Out Project has traveled from Ecuador to Nepal, from Mexico to Palestine, inspiring group actions on varied themes such as hope, diversity, violence awareness and climate change. Each project addressed a topic that was sensitive. In West Palm Beach the topic was DACA.

Beyond any political debate about dreamers, these portraits remind us that behind the policies are real human stories that are deeply rooted in the story of this country. Inside Out/ Dreamers aims to represent the diversity and unity of people that can call America home. It is a nationwide participatory art initiative aimed at creating a portrait of America that includes immigrants and the descendants of immigrants alike.

168 pictures of West Palm Beachers were taken, and can be viewed on Flagler Shore.

The Inside Out Project was brought to West Palm Beach with help of the following city organizations: West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, West Palm Beach Arts In Public Places, West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority and West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District