OK. Everyone is talking about this, so here’s the back-story.

This week MSNBC White House correspondent Hallie Jackson has been broadcasting live from the Meyer Amphitheater. They have a really nice set up with a view that overlooks Flagler Dr. and the Intracoastal Waterway.

Our waterfront makes the best backdrop for a live TV show ever!

On Tuesday, I had scoped out the area, and determined where the shots were, even did a low-key walk by in a live shot.

After enjoying the Wednesday night food trucks on Flagler Shore, a couple of us head up to West Palm Brewery to have a drink. Our discussion took us to the nearby MSNBC live broadcast, and in the 30 minutes that we spent at the brewery, we hatched the idea for how we can add a bit of fun to the next day’s broadcast.

Beju hoping that this idea is as good as this the fantastic Metermain IPA he’s drinking

The conspirators were Juan, Joe and of course Beju.  And as the MSNBC broadcast started at 10am the next morning, they were suiting up in their Dino outfits. I was there to provide on-site technical support, and Susan was watching MSNBC and helping position us from her condo that overlooked the Amphitheater.

At this point Joe may be having second thoughts.

When everyone was ready the dinos spent a few minutes frolicking on the berm that separated the Amphitheater from Flagler Dr.

The dinos grazed peacefully, danced gracefully, and enjoyed some gentle sparring with each other… because, you know, that’s what dinos do.

The T-Rex Crew entering from left stage

We took a few pictures and were then after about 10 minutes we were politely asked to move on by one of the MSNBC producers.

The whole event took about 20 minutes, and all of us went back to our respective places of work. We thought that our antics went unnoticed… until a Leo Ruiz tweeted that Hallie Jackson was reporting live from Jurassic Park.

Then things went nuts. Mediaite.com was the first website to pick up the story at noon. Then Entertainment Weekly published a story, followed by PopCulture.comMashable & Rare.us. Twitter created a “moment” and featured it on their “Fun” section of their homepage.

The comments and tweets that ensued were hilarious. People were really having a great time during our 15 – 20 seconds of anonymous but live cable network fame. And of course, all while sharing pictures and video of our beautiful city and waterfront.

UPDATE: The Dino trio was just featured on a segment of the TODAY SHOW on Friday morning!!!

2017 had some rough spots, but I’m happy that we were able to have a part in helping a few people on the internet end it with a laugh!