Election day is a week away! Here are the reasons why I am voting to re-elect Commissioner Shanon Materio for District 5!

I’ve lived in the South End with my family for the last eight years. One of the first people we got to know was Shanon and Phil Materio at the very first neighborhood meeting I went to. Before she was our commissioner she was actively involved in the community and as a commissioner she has had the opportunity to ramp up her efforts and has represented us consistently.

Over the past few weeks I’ve spent most weekends walking through the South End streets talking to people and reminding them to get out and vote on March 13th. When I mention Shanon their response is almost always the same: Big smiles in recollection of some point in their lives when they interacted with Shanon. Whether it was in her role as a small business owner downtown, or as a mom volunteering on the PTO putting her children through the local school system, or as a founding member of the South End Neighborhood Association, or most recently a City Commissioner, Shanon is someone the neighborhood knows they can count on when they need help.

I could go on and on, but since a picture is worth 1000 words, I thought I’d post just some of my pictures I have taken of Shanon Materio over the years.

But first, I took the header picture last summer when I was driving by the Police Athletic League on Tamarind for their Car Wash. All the kids were out on the road waving signs to get drivers to stop by the car wash, and right next to them was Commissioner Materio. I had to stop to get my car washed and take this cute picture and a selfie.

Shanon Materio supports the issues that we support

Each of the districts of West Palm Beach has issues that are specific to them. In the South End it is the West Palm Beach Golf Course, South Olive Tennis Center, supporting our small businesses, economic development, crime, etc. As a Commissioner Shanon has supported the South End well but also understands and cares about the issues in every neighborhood. Whether it’s downtown traffic, walk/bikeability, technology and entrepreneurship, social justice, Shanon understands that one district’s issues are the whole city’s issues, and she has supported all our issues on the City Commission.

Commissioner Materio with Cora at the Bradley’s Hole in One in 2012. After years of Shanon working on this the City entered into a contract with a developer who is investing 89 million into a new golf course and Top Golf and hotel, while keeping the integrity of our Municipal Golf Course and not costing the city anything.

Commissioner Materio at “Bourbon Sprawl”, a meeting focused on urban issues.

Commissioner Materio with Mayor Muoio and local community members in 2014 at the grand opening of Palm Beach Tech

Commissioner Materio with the Mayor, Commissioners Moffett and James and DDA Executive Director Raphael Clemente at the rollout of the SkyBike program in 2015.

Commissioner Materio at the South End Neighborhood Association 2016 Holiday Party at the South Olive Tennis Center. The City has allocated the funds to rebuild the Tennis Center club house creating a world class facility.

Commissioner Materio working with city residents in a charette to get community feedback and find solutions and new ideas to solve the issues with Okeechobee Blvd.

Shanon Materio with Congresswoman Lois Frankel, Mayor Jeri Muoio and other local leaders in response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting.

Shanon Materio supports the candidates that we support

I vote at the South Olive Elementary polling place. I enjoy voting at every election, and I like talking to everyone who is campaigning for their candidates. Shanon Materio takes an active roll in our democracy and I enjoy seeing her supporting the candidates who we support.

Commissioner Materio supporting Erica Whitfield, our School Board Member for District 4.

Commissioner Materio supporting Commissioner Cory Neering West Palm Beach District 2 Commissioner.

Commissioner Materio supporting Democrat Florida State Senator Bobby Powell.

Shanon Materio supports all the Neighborhoods in West Palm Beach

Each of the neighborhoods in West Palm Beach are unique and have their own sets of issues. Commissioner Materio takes the time to immerse herself in all the neighborhoods, and she is possibly the only person who gets to more events than I do 🙂

Commissioner Materio at BBQ, Brews and Blues Festival on Rosemary in the Historic Northwest Neighborhood

Shanon with neighbors in Pineapple Park Neighborhood after planting a Gumbo Limbo tree in 2015.


Mayor and Commissioners at the opening of the Bill Moss Hillcrest Paseo in 2014

At the award winning South End Neighbors water station after the 2015 Marathon of The Palm Beaches (please ignore the gentleman in the front).

Commissioner Materio In Northwood Village at the 2016 Mango Festival

Vote for Shanon!

This is an important election, and the only thing on the ballot is our City Commission race, so please come out and make your voice be heard.

If you want to meet Shanon and help her over the finish line, come on over to Ragtops at 10am on Saturday for our BBQ and community Canvas.