SunFest is less than three weeks away, and I’m here to help you get the absolute best experience at the absolute best waterfront music festival in the country.

One thing that is commonly overlooked is how inexpensive SunFest tickets are. The reason for this is that unlike most other music festivals SunFest is run as a local non-profit. They take in only as much as it takes to run the show each year and run quite a lean ship.

Let’s compare with a couple other music festivals: Tortuga Music Festival that just wrapped up in Ft. Lauderdale cost $229 for a 3-day pass and $1109 for the VIP experience. Okeechobee Music Festival is $360 with an $800 VIP package.

In comparison: Sunfest’s 4-day pass is: $81 which is accessible to anyone. If you want to upgrade your experience, that’s what the SunFest Upgrades are for.

Here are your choices.

1. Club SunFest

Cost: $95 (1 day) – $256 (4 days)

Here’s what being a member of the very exclusive Club SunFest gets you: 4-day festival admission and beads, viewing of Tire Kingdom Stage, air-conditioned restrooms, members only festival gate, package check, overnight chair storage, 2 drinks per person each day, $1 discount on drinks inside Club SunFest and North Garden, daily meal and Sunday brunch, and access to bar.

Click here to join Club SunFest. Bonus: You get a cool Club SunFest medallion that you wear around SunFest to let everyone know that you are a member of Club SunFest.

Club SunFest comes also comes with a Daily Pass, so if you really want to see Billy Idol on the Tire Kingdom Stage, you can get the full experience for $95 (which includes festival entrance).

Get your Club SunFest tickets here.

3. The Stand

Cost: $10 – $40 (per set of 2 bands)

The best way to get close up to our favorite bands is getting passes to The Stand.

Each act is purchased separately, and the prices are from anywhere between $10 and $40. The only catch is that there are limited tickets, so get your tickets for your favorite bands now.

Here are some examples of prices:

Pitbull: $40
Logic / Sir Sly: $30
311: $30
Ice Cube: $10
Sublime with Rome: $10

Go get your upgrades for your favorite bands now!

NOTE: The price of The Stand does not include festival admission; buyers still need a SunFest admission ticket. SunFest tickets include general admission to the concert areas at each stage. Children of all ages need a ticket for The Stand. No chairs are allowed inside The Stand.

Getting closeup to Chemradery in The Stand

3. Waterfront Hospitality

Cost: $110 – $130 (per day)

If you want to go all-out Hospitality is the way to go. Tickets are purchased for each day, they range from $110 on Thursday and Friday & $130 on Saturday and Sunday.

Waterfront Hospitality includes SunFest Admission, Complimentary Meal, 2 Cocktails & unlimited soda/water, Air-conditioned restrooms, Viewing of Ford Stage.

If you have a band you want to get up close to you can head on over to this page and see what your options are. For Logic the first night you have: Waterfront Hospitality: $110 or The Stand: $30

It’s worth noting again that Waterfront Hospitality comes with tickets to SunFest, so if you’re just going for one day, and want to get an upgrade Waterfront Hospitality might be way to go.

  • Sunfest 1-day ticket: $43 + The Stand: $30 + 2 cocktails $20 + food: $15 = $108
  • Waterfront Hospitality: $110 (includes drinks, dinner, air conditioned bathrooms & seating)

Killer view from Waterfront Hospitality

4. Club South Cove Natural Islands boardwalk

Okay, so I made this one up, but it’s a nice spot to enjoy the music from the JetBlue stage (you’re not going to see much, because you’re half a mile away). Just walk out on the boardwalk and enjoy the cool breeze coming off the intracoastal waterway, watching the wildlife and enjoying the music of SunFest.

Bonus: The entrance to the boardwalk is right next to to “The Diner” food court, so grab some food, and come out to the boardwalk to eat it. Just make sure you take what you brought back out with you, we wouldn’t want to leave any trash on these beautiful natural islands.

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, make sure you do that as soon as possible. All of the upgrades have a limited number of tickets so get them before they are gone!