1. Feast for Families – help Local Schools

Robert Norvell heads up this local food drive every year – contact him to directly (rnorvell@norvell-law.com) help families in local schools.

Feast for families is a locally centered food drive for families in need attending public schools.  The schools select 30 families and host a food drive at the school.

The food drive is to create baskets for a Thanksgiving feast. What we do is help supplement things that are missing from the basket and top it off with a Publix turkey.  Then on the week before Thanksgiving we do a turkey trot. Volunteers and our local police officers gather at Publix to take delivery of the turkeys and send them to their destination at each school.

This year we are partnering with the following schools: South Olive Elementary, Belvedere Elementary, Conniston middle school,  palmetto elementary school, north grade elementary, and Lake Worth high school.  We are fortunate to have individual donors and organizations to help buy the turkeys.

The approximate cost for each school is $500. What we need from Publix is to allow us to continue using the promotional price that they offer for the Thanksgiving holiday per pound for each bird without requiring a two bird limit per person.  The only way to financially make a feasible is to have that price break.  Having the birds in boxes delivered in a group is the most efficient way, they’re not being resold, they’re being delivered directly to families and we supplement the baskets with items purchased at Publix.  

I have ordered 120 turkeys and will ask the meat manager (Mike Lomastro) to order 60 more because the Lake Worth schools were just added.  The store manager is Greg Howell and it’s store number 50; South dale shopping center.

Here are some pictures from the last few years

For many of these families this is their first exposure to the uniquely American holiday Thanksgiving. And I I have had the pleasure of being part of that, Publix has always made that happen with the help of a whole bunch of volunteers. Contact Robert Norvell (rnorvell@norvell-law.com) to help out!

2. Thanksgiving Food Drive at WPBrewery

At West Palm Brewery, we believe in doing our part to try and help those in need. Starting November 1st, we will be working with the Palm Beach County Food Bank to do a food drive!

We’ll be offering a special discount for those who donate to our food drive! 
-Donate 4 items (from list below) and get a free beer.
-Donate 6 or more items (from list below) and get 15% off of your bill. 
Valid once per person. 

We will be accepting the foods listed here and in the event cover photo: These are needed the most by the food bank.
-Rice, Pasta, Canned & Dry Soup, Shelf-Stable Milk, Canned Fruits, Peanut Butter, Canned Meat (Tuna, Chicken & Salmon), Canned Tomato Products (Sauce or Diced), Canned Meals (Ravioli and Spaghetti-O’s), Canned Vegetables, Beans (Dried or Canned), Oatmeal, Cereal, Mac n’ Cheese. Please, no glass.

You must show your donation first to a staff member to receive the discount, and then put it in the large donation box near the couches! You may donate as much as you’d like, but the special is valid once. 

Help us fight hunger in Palm Beach County!