Did you know that South Florida has the  highest rates of new HIV cases in the country and Miami and Fort Lauderdale lead the country in new HIV diagnoses after years of cuts in public health?

Team Bill Bone is cycling from Miami to Key West to make a difference.

Joining 650 people from around the country, Team Bill Bone is participating with in the fifteenth annual Smart Ride.

The goal of the ride is to:

  • Raise awareness of the continued growth of HIV/AIDS worldwide.
  • Help those already living with HIV & AIDS live healthier and more fulfilled lives by providing the basics to long term survival.
  • Give those who have lost someone to AIDS an avenue to express, recognize, remember and celebrate these individuals.

Team Bill Bone has raised $11,140 and needs YOUR help to reach their goal of $17,000 by departure from Miami on November 16th. 100% of the proceeds go towards the cause with NO costs for administering the ride, the team has also paid for their own food and lodging during the trip. That means if you donate, 100% of the money goes back to the community!!

Team Bill Bone consists of Team Captain Peter Cruise, Sponsor Bill Bone and riders & crew of: Bryce Chant, David Chin, Juan and Catalina Orellana, Monte and Christina Lambert, Brian Ruscher, Thomas Miller, Thomas Hayden & Wayne Lewis.

Members of Team Bill Bone at a pit stop in Boynton Beach on a Saturday morning training ride.

Many of the team know someone who has been affected by HIV/AIDS, as you may know someone who has. If you would like to donate to their cause, please visit the Team Bill Bone Smart Ride website.

Donate to the team’s cause and help them fight HIV/AIDS in South Florida!

In addition to economic challenge of meeting the team’s fundraising goal, there is the physical challenge of riding 100 miles on the first day and another 65 on the second of the ride (ON SOUTH FLORIDA ROADS)! The Team has been training for months to get physically prepared and is ready to take on the challenge!

Donate and get more information about Team Bill Bone here.