Have you driven by Phipps Park recently? You can’t help but notice the large sculpture that is under construction?

It is part of the “Hello Sunshine” installation which was selected by West Palm Beach’s Art In Public Places through a competitive process. The total cost of the 5 pieces of art is $256,000. Read this document for all the details of the project.

Here’s how the artist explains it:

Meet “Hello Sunshine” – Hello Sunshine is the geometrical representation of the sunrise that is sectioned into five clusters of sunrays. Each cluster is unique and together they form the whole sunrise, but just like the notion of union, one cannot see the whole picture at once. You have to experience each part individually, in order to appreciate the whole thing. We want to give people the opportunity to go out and experience all five districts and see the whole picture that makes up West Palm Beach.

Each of the individual pieces
The big picture!

Here are the renderings and locations for each of the sculptures.

Each sculpture will have specific characteristics based on where it is located. District 1 (Australian & 45th St) and District 5 (Phipps Park) will be unique in that they will include features which will allow people to interact with the sculpture through a bench that is incorporated into the design.

District 3 at Okeechobee and Rosemary will be the tallest sculpture towering at 16ft.