On Friday the 17th of October supporters of the SMART Ride 16 gathered at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach to raise funds for Team Bill Bone.

The SMART Ride is a 2-Day, 165-Mile bicycle Ride from Miami to Key West, November 15th and 16th, 2019.

Like many things that change us and the world in some way, it starts with a dream, a vision, and an idea. The SMART Ride (Southern Most AIDS/HIV Ride) is no different. It was born out of a dream to make a real and significant difference in the lives of those infected, affected and at risk for HIV/AIDS. In 2002, the idea was a welcome change to this kind of fundraising, but met much skepticism about the reality of meeting these goals of 100%. The ride became a reality one year later in November of 2003 with less than 100 riders and about 100 crew. Miraculously, we raised $169,000 and returned it all to AIDS Service Organizations. Sixteen years later, over $10.5 million has been distributed throughout Florida, making SMART Ride the 2nd largest AIDS bicycle ride in the country and the only one of its size to give back 100%.

Learn more at https://thesmartride.org/