Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, presented by Art Miami and hosted by the City of West Palm Beach, welcomes you to the fourth edition at the City’s Tent Site between January 9th and January 12th, at Dixie Hwy and Okeechobee Blvd in downtown West Palm Beach.

Collectors, art connoisseurs and art world luminaries alike will have the opportunity to acquire investment quality Blue Chip contemporary, Post-War works from top international galleries from as far as Japan, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, The Netherlands, Portugal, and Venezuela.

Learn more about Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary at their website.

I took a stroll through all the amazing galleries and found my favorite pieces.

1. 50″ Icosahedron by Anthony James

Anthony James is a British/American artist based in Los Angeles, known for his monumental and performative sculptures and installations. His work gestures towards minimalism, materiality, process, alchemy, language, mechanization, and experimentation with light and space.

Be prepared to fall into this sculpture which is both amazingly simple and eternally complex at the same time.

Find Eternity Gallery at stand PB460

Artist Website:

50" Icosahedron by  Anthony James
50″ Icosahedron by Anthony James

2. Brooke by Carole A. Feuerman

Carole A. Feuerman is an American sculptor and artist working in Hyperrealism, a movement that began in the 1970s in relation to photorealist painting. Born in 1945, Feuerman is younger than Duane Hanson and John de Andrea, the pioneers of Hyperrealism in figurative sculpture. Dubbed “the reigning doyenne of super-realism” by art historian John T. Spike, Feuerman is known for her lifelike portrayals of swimmers. Feuerman utilizes a variety of media including resin, marble, and bronze.

Find Art of the World Gallery at Stand # PB260

Artist Website:

Brooke by Carole A. Feuerman
Brooke by Carole A. Feuerman

Look familiar? One of Carole Feuerman’s hyperrealistic sculptures “The Message” stood in Cityplace (now Rosemary Square) from 2018 into 2019.

3. Filling the Void by William Finlayson

Born in Tallahasee Fl, William started his artistic career as a color consultant for his family’s Design and Painting company that took on constant projects of custom painted interiors and decorating. This work of 20 yrs lead him to his fascination with textiles and paint, along with custom furniture. After creating and selling dozens of unique pieces of furniture, here began his transition from wall, to wood on furniture, to canvas. Painting on canvas was the culmination of his creative outlet. William feels that his lack of formal training in Fine Art has afforded him a freedom to paint what he envisions and feels, rather than conform to specific style or genre that he feels is limiting

You can find William Finlayson’s work at our local JF Gallery in Antique Row.

Artist Website

Find JF Gallery at Stand # PB100

 Filling the Void by William Finlayson
Filling the Void by William Finlayson

4. Siren Songs by Joel Besmar

Joel Besmar is a Cuban Postwar & Contemporary painter who was born in 1968. Their work was featured in several exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the Arkansas Arts Center and the Cernuda Arte.

I loved “Siren Songs” a beautiful oil painting depicting stacks of philsophical books by Ayn Rand, Marcuse, Thomas More & Voltaire full of stories of a utopian future, now discarded and tattered in a dystopian deserted beach. ?

Find Cernuda Arte at Stand # PB250

Artist Website:

Siren Songs by Joel Besmar
Siren Songs by Joel Besmar

5. Nameless Woman & The Skin of the City by Pancho Luna

Francisco (Pancho) Luna grew up around a big library in his grandmother’s house in his native Argentina. The library covered a whole wall from the floor to the ceiling and it was filled with tons of books, old and new, written in many languages. As a kid, he would spend time imagining meanings for that maze of incomprehensible objects engraved with symbols and signs…. From that point on, that vision of an enigmatic universe in front of him yet to be known, hasn’t abandoned him. (source).

Impossible to capture this great piece in a photo, but I loved how he played with the light in the clear acrylic sculptures of library shelves. You’ve got to see it.

Find Timothy Yarger Fine art at Stand PB480

Artist Website:

5. Nameless Woman & The Skin of the City by Pancho Luna
Nameless Woman & The Skin of the City by Pancho Luna

6. Symphony Chelo 1 by RETNA

RETNA was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and started his career in the early 1990s. He developed a distinctive constructed script which is derived from Blackletter, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Arabic, and Hebrew calligraphy, as well as more traditional types of street-based graffiti. In addition to exhibiting at institutions and galleries in Los Angeles, Miami, London, New York and Hong Kong, Retna has done advertising work for brands such as VistaJet, Louis Vuitton, and Nike. His artwork adorns the cover of Justin Bieber’s Purpose album that debuted in 2015.

Chase Contemporary can be found at Stand PB240

Symphony Chelo 1 by RETNA
Symphony Chelo 1 by RETNA

Look familiar? RETNA painted the iconic east wall of West Palm Beach’s Restoration Hardware building.

7. Hudson Yards & Winter, Spring, Summer

And now for something totally different.

Clark Gallery is a fascinating corner of the show. The front of the stand is dominated by Nathan Walsh’s brilliant depiction of the brand new Hudson Yards development in NYC.

Hudson yards by Nathan Walsh – image courtesy of Clark Gallery

In stark contrast to Hudson Yards we find Boston-based artists Linda Etcoff work in pastel, charcoal and crayon.

Find Clark Gallery at Stand PB190

View Gallery website here

This is a section of Etcoff's piece Winter, Spring, Summer
A section of Etcoff’s piece Winter, Spring, Summer